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Item Database - Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Soft Armor)

Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Soft Armor) Icon #163857 This is a small, industrial robot. It is programmed to recognize certain materials fit for transformation - and shape them into the most suitable armor pieces - depending on the size and properties of the material. The program only recognises a few, selected building materials, but new ones are constantly being added to its database via the ether.
Flags Visible
Can Carry
Patch 14.4.2 18.8.53
Change QL:
Value 3330500
Mass 10kg
Serturos @ 2004-10-14 17:48
Yeah gimme gimme
rewws @ 2005-09-14 23:36
where can this item be bought?
rewws @ 2005-09-14 23:40
if it can
WMH @ 2005-09-25 13:33
Snakebite @ 2006-01-01 01:08
Ok, I'm confused...
This is listed as a lvl250 item, but the highest Mass Relocating Robot you seem to be able to get is 205...?
What am I missing?
Pnunu @ 2007-06-29 19:31
the QL of the Shape Soft only needs to be a fraction of the QL of the item/armor (not sure what fraction!). My QL 70 Shape Soft can be used to build any QL armor in-game. In other words, don't overpay for the Mass Relocating Robot to combine.
regsvr32 @ 2007-07-20 00:03
hey hey wait a sec that honestly cant be once u have combined your shape soft armor robot u was use ql 60? on ql 70 Mass Relocating Robot but that here cant be ql 250 if auno by themself dont have ql 250 Mass Relocating Robot something here dosent make sence would like get good explain
farlath @ 2008-01-02 22:57
O.o punctuation is your friend...
ghettosmoke @ 2008-11-16 23:31
no really though if ql 250 robot then when combine with armor then ql result is ql of the armor with robot right?
because i accidently an armor with this and it did
Therrito @ 2010-12-20 08:09
I wtb
Therrito @ 2012-12-27 01:58
I got a QL190
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