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Item Database - Gnat's Wing

Gnat's Wing Icon #39171 Nanobots help steady the agent's aim and focus concentration. This increases the chance of the agent performing a critical hit when attacking. It also increases the amount of damage the agent inflicts and the aimed shot and rifle skills of the agent. Such concentration is mentally very draining on the agent and can only be performed once every two minutes.
Flags Modified Description, Buff Nano
Patch 14.2.1 15.0.1 15.5.5
QL 169
Crystal NanoCrystal (Gnat's Wing)
NCU 52
Nanocost 1872
School Psionic: Agent occassional damage and critical buffs
Duration 20 seconds
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 10s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 39656
Stacking order 5
Defense skills
Nano resist 0 %
Attack skills
Psychological modifications 34 %
Sensory improvement 33 %
Biological metamorphosis 33 %
To Use User Profession == Agent and
User Psychological modifications >= 782 and
User Sensory improvement >= 782 and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 782 and
User Level >= 180
On Use User Modify Rifle 50  
User Modify Aimed shot 100  
User Modify Projectile damage modifier 200  
User Modify Melee damage modifier 200  
User Modify Energy damage modifier 200  
User Modify Chemical damage modifier 200  
User Modify Radiation damage modifier 200  
User Modify Cold damage modifier 200  
User Modify Fire damage modifier 200  
User Modify Poison damage modifier 200  
User Modify Critical chance 30  
Float Text Sure Shot  
On End Nano User Cast Recovering from Gnat's Wing  
lliah @ 2005-01-03 22:50
one of the best nano for for agent
deadly @ 2005-02-24 18:26
OMGH I LOVE THIS BUFF!! 20 sec of utter crits and 200 extra damage and as if thats not enough rifle and AS adds *gets arroused*
cpcpcp1 @ 2005-04-13 03:05
nice twink ^^
User101 @ 2005-05-10 13:07
Another stupidly overpowered agent toolset tool.
DJLost03 @ 2005-05-11 02:42
Ever played an agent?
It's not as easy as it looks, so shush.
cpcpcp1 @ 2005-05-17 07:19
rofl.. overpowered my ass.
Findago @ 2005-06-23 06:03
this is amzingly godlike......happy ness nanobots have invaded me........and now they are eating my heart......*ehhhgh!* *dies happy*
Arrone @ 2005-06-25 19:59
AGENT DOWN! AGENT DOWN! the 2minute recharge time is awesome, for the fact that the concentrations have a longer recharge time...even with those modifiers, you can kick hard core butt :)
luminous @ 2005-07-08 08:52
Nanocost 1872 ... try that with FP. nano pool left
Morthoseth @ 2005-07-08 19:28
That's why you use a hardcore NCU upgrade and get your MP buffs. It's a lot of nano, either way though.. just wish this wasn't capped at 180 when I could cast it at 150. :S
ubermensch @ 2005-11-25 05:12
This is semi god mode buff i guess ;P
luminous @ 2005-12-13 09:17
its nice, but the reqs are high for froobs and it eats too much of your nano pool. would probably rape in pvp though
Balderredux @ 2005-12-28 20:22
Rolleable? Tried 500 times with clicksaver, no dice...
Fataboy @ 2006-02-02 01:59
NanoCrystal (Gnat's Wing)- means Dyna loot...would have bee, Nano Crystal (Gnat's Wing) [with a space between] if it was rollable...
Tool @ 2006-03-03 05:35
"Nanocost 1872 ... try that with FP. nano pool left"
- luminous -

Well, what with the - 2000 inits in fp, why would you use sureshot when its not insta-cast? Maybe if you are AP and have a nice viral compiler in or something, but probably not fp.... I dont want to risk the 10 seconds or so it takes to cast it when i could end up being interrupted anyway. I would rather spend that time actually doing dmg.
AlphaCenta @ 2006-04-18 17:14
cast before the fight... and go rock a mob when you casted it!
Tarradax @ 2006-04-20 17:00
If you're still using Falseprof at 180 you're a gimp. That's what Mimic is for - And Mimic + Hardcore CPU = +0% extra cost. My 180 agent just uploaded it, and it just eats half my nanopool on cast, leaving plenty nano for TMS or CH or whatever :)
Shiare @ 2006-09-07 09:51
Can you cast this on other agents, you know for like twinking on a rifle?
Ryugu @ 2006-09-16 17:26
On Use User

means no

you need On Use Target
Xsonic @ 2006-10-13 08:02
is it ez to find?
alesicis @ 2007-10-06 23:24
heh, just use the 2 nanite enhanced drains and you'll have more rifle skill than you know what to do with
Worldnuker @ 2007-12-07 01:05
One dropped a few days ago, i let it rot, please dont tell me its worth more than 10M
Damefix @ 2008-11-15 21:06
Just looted it. Worth anything?
frox2k6 @ 2009-04-17 12:57
Worth about 1m on gms, sad but true, carry on fellow dyna hunters
Anarchangelx @ 2010-03-24 10:48
Kimi says Enhanced Trueshot is not rollable . Kimi is not infallible, and shows Gnat's Wing in neither the list of rollables nor the list of non-rollables. But the rest of the line is definitely not rollable, and probably Gnat's Wing too.
Improved GW is a Dust Brigade quest reward.
The NanoCrystal vs Nano Crystal distinction works most of the time. But not all of the time. See Nano Crystal (Evocation of Maddening Wrath) .
Darth_Trader @ 2010-09-05 23:56
Also nice for twinking on new Rifles ;D.
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