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Item Database - Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned

Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned Icon #31538 You seem to have a talent for gathering and learning. That is a quality much appreciated by anyone working for the common cause of the clans.
Flags Visible, Has Rotation, No Drop, Unique, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 13.6 14.2.1 15.5
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Right shoulder, Left shoulder
Value 41000
Equip time 1s
Mass 0.6kg
Max health 100000
To Equip User Faction not == Omni-Tek and
User Level >= 40
On Equip User Modify Max health 100  
User Modify Projectile AC 45  
User Modify Melee AC 45  
User Modify Chemical AC 45  
User Modify Radiation AC 45  
User Modify Cold AC 45  
User Modify Poison AC 45  
User Modify Fire AC 45  
User Modify First aid 12  
User Modify Max nano 100  
Barbbs @ 2002-08-26 04:42
Anyone know the complete assembly step to these pads? I would apprecaite a post if you do.
Moscarelli @ 2002-09-29 00:52
pretty sure thats one of the stages in the dogda quest. Think I saw a walkthrough on
Tittan @ 2003-02-04 10:09
Gng @ 2003-08-08 02:10 got it all.. :)
TorbmaN @ 2005-04-05 22:07
shouldn't this whow on character when it is equipped???
Mergai @ 2005-07-23 23:22
only the last part of the pads show
KaterKarlo @ 2005-12-20 03:16
mace-windu @ 2006-02-08 01:02
you can actually have 2 sided pads, only second would have to be 1 lvl lower than ur first =)
anatti @ 2006-11-21 21:32
unless u are neut
skyguy001 @ 2009-12-22 08:33
where can i get this?
arrix @ 2010-01-21 00:31
Anarchangelx @ 2018-03-05 07:51
Withered Flesh from Temple of 3 W has 80 all ACs and a 500 AC castable ability, and Barrow Strength from To3W adds damage. 3rd Sided Shoulderpad is situational, for defense vs Barrow Strength's offense, and 2nd Sided is only good to get the 3rd one with.
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