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Item Database - Clan Shoulderpads for the Veracious

Clan Shoulderpads for the Veracious Icon #31538 You show a will for seeking, learning and doing what is true. Those are qualities much appreciated by anyone working for the common cause of the clans.
Flags Visible, No Drop, Unique, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 13.6 14.2.1 15.0.1 15.0.6 15.5 18.4.5
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Right shoulder, Left shoulder
Value 56000
Equip time 1s
Mass 0.6kg
Max health 100000
To Equip User Faction not == Omni-Tek and
User Level >= 50
On Equip User Modify Max health 200  
User Modify Projectile AC 100  
User Modify Melee AC 100  
User Modify Chemical AC 100  
User Modify Radiation AC 100  
User Modify Cold AC 100  
User Modify Poison AC 100  
User Modify Fire AC 100  
User Modify First aid 16  
User Modify Max nano 200  
Agridius @ 2002-08-01 11:31
where can i find this??
Charleyd @ 2002-08-01 23:58
Do da quest for it. :)
tale @ 2003-01-07 01:25
You need to tak to Dodga Demarcel in Rising Sun, the mountaintop town in Aegean, south of Old Athen. There are guides on the net; search for "Dodga Quest". This item is the reward for the third part of the quest; you need to get the shoulderpads "Suspicious" and "Learned" first.
Spica @ 2003-06-26 06:22
And you need to get the rack off of the trash kings corpse. Then go around and kill all his mini-buckethead bots. The last bot, Galvano, has an area nuke for over 1k damage.
Spica @ 2003-06-26 06:32

Galvano likes to chain cast the area nuke, have fun =)
Gwahur @ 2004-05-01 19:28
it sucks that it cant be upgraded to enhanced Clan Shoulderpads for the Veracious with a Clanalizer like the omni version can.
Hilton @ 2004-08-31 08:19
Gwahur, FC loves omni maybe? :P
aitsme @ 2005-01-29 11:49
Yes FC loves Omni. But then they dont have the Rings you get for collecting tokens. :)
McYoda @ 2005-12-02 16:53
Galvano isn't bad. I soloed all the bucketheads on my level 119 fixer, if you get them rooted it's a piece of cake. Otherwise... well, good luck ;)
Mrdeathlok @ 2006-01-16 03:35
mine dont sit properly on my shoulder :( any idea why
Wakizaka @ 2006-01-30 13:25
Happens to most people, but seems to bug the most on Opifex's
Whitey @ 2006-04-18 12:24
Galvano doesn't have as much HP or the same healdelta as the others, making him a bit easier.. he never nuked me once..
Vladja @ 2007-07-02 00:12
The pads fit much better now with the 17.0 patch.
phaetonXIII @ 2009-02-12 18:13
sucks that these cant be upgraded like Omni pads can be. but rocks that I can still wear both :D
and galvano wasnt any issue. Live Metal was a pain to find and i think best in brass nearly killed my whole team with his aoe nuke.
Ransom @ 2010-01-24 00:59
Damn nice that +200 HP/Nano... goes nicely with VTE if want some hp for nanomage :) easy quest but pita to collect those 1st pad items :)
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