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Item Database - Emergency XP Loss Reducer: 30

Emergency XP Loss Reducer: 30 Icon #16313 Lowers XP lost by 30% on death.
Flags Buff Nano, Has Sent First IIR
Patch 14.6 15.0.1
QL 47
Crystal Nano Crystal (Emergency XP Loss Reducer: 30)
NCU 15
Nanocost 116
School Healing
Duration 25 seconds
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 2.5s
Range 16 m
Effect icon Icon 16454
Stacking order 15
Defense skills
Nano resist 0 %
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 233 and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 233 and
User Time and space >= 208 and
User Profession == Bureaucrat
On Use Float Text Insured  
Target Change Experience recovery 30  
grendal77 @ 2003-03-08 10:24
Does anyone know if this even exists in the game, and where i would find it i have been in WW killing dynas around 47 for awhile
Jackplug @ 2003-03-16 01:51
Where can i get this from?
fantazie @ 2003-05-11 01:05
This nano is not introduced to the live DB according to an ARK i spoke with earlier today... and thats a damn shame...
Ademimon @ 2003-09-09 23:16
not to sound rude by why is this still listed if its not in game? Cant think of how many times ive been asked about this and had to tell people it dosent exsist
EatMyDust69us @ 2004-01-29 02:18
It exists, it just hasn't been implemented yet, because the game has to go through thousands of lines of code even just to calculate how much xp will be saved when you die. Hold your horses, it will be put in eventually
Mirm @ 2004-01-30 10:46
Err. How useful is it? Does it leave you with 30% of you exp when you die? And with recoup if it's to prevent the you die you just lost so much exp thats been fixed.
Slammer @ 2004-02-09 08:35
Personally I hope this nano NEVER makes it in game. Crats already get enough flak when someone dies ("why the hell didnt you calm him? fukin n00b"). Its hard to predict when someones going to die and its a short lasting nano. Everytime someone does die, their going to blame the crat for their XP loss. Besides, theres an XP pool now, now need for it anymore.
Jalcrat @ 2004-02-23 00:56
i hope it does, cause then crats will be needed even more
Peanut @ 2004-06-26 05:25
ah man only if this exsisted
marco @ 2005-03-16 11:05
where can i find this please let me know.
Demongodess @ 2005-04-02 18:23
this nano does indeed exist i have it uploaded but i am almost positive that im the only one on both servers and yes almost useless as its short duration and hard to predict deaths. but its cool for bragging rights :p
Xevil @ 2005-04-07 10:51
Bragging rights? pfft,whered you get the nano/disc. I am 215 crat and looked for this for a long time to no avail,cuz it doesnt exist.Please share with the group.
pkv @ 2005-04-08 15:42
He is either lying or it was in-game for about 10min sometime during the game O.o
Xevil @ 2005-04-12 09:42
Ill vote for the first guess
Arrone @ 2005-04-29 22:57
I have seen this nano work in a team. After you die,you recieve 30% bonus xp from any kill. But that's 2 months ago, not really sure if it's still in effect, but most likely it's taken off.
Arcturuz @ 2005-05-18 09:12
ahh its friggin' annoying ima 96crat n ppl are complaining why shouldnt i have such nano
Jahf @ 2005-05-21 17:46
Shadowlands crats don't need this. Train the IC and later IA perks. Clears your pool fast.
Xevil @ 2005-05-25 20:20
What a waste of a perk,at 220 say goodbye to IA :o)
nimarq @ 2005-06-26 03:02
Xevil reset perks?
Xevil @ 2005-10-23 19:06
Not yet,gotta hit 220 first.
crad @ 2005-11-22 13:08
One of the most useless nanos I could think of for a crat. I couldn't care less if it never made it into the game.
Gaiaterra @ 2005-11-26 11:09
It is in the game, I have a char who has the ID, starting a crat now ^^
Tarradax @ 2006-03-05 09:14
Never seen this in nanocrystal/ID form, never had it cast on me or a team mate, never had a crat in the team who had that nano, never known a crat in any of the orgs I've been/am in to have this.... Which makes me believe that A - This is infact not ingame, and B - People who claim to have it are lying.
Syberiath @ 2006-03-23 23:42
well guys this nano would have been fine and great and all ... ... ... back in the days without a pool !!
Of how much use something can be to save u from loosing something u recover by killing ... also ur pool won't be regained quicker through that, so it's indeed one of the most useless buffs in AO .. right behind swim expertise i'd say
bartje @ 2006-04-03 13:28
just roll a Crat with SL expension and use reclaim perks... =)
asoe @ 2006-04-11 06:08
i realy think i might have sold this to the shop on accident, cant remember for sure though...
Xevil @ 2006-05-01 22:37
You didnt
Unkerror @ 2006-05-03 12:18
as of 5/3/2006 this nano is on sale on RK2 GMS for 300m probably the last one left as a crystal for anyone that can afford that price
Marsmensch @ 2006-06-07 04:27
its defently ingame
Yakobo66 @ 2006-06-28 18:57
hehe swim expertise? why not swim proficiency ^^
noir1991 @ 2006-07-16 13:44
300m ? omg lol more than GA 4
Retracnad @ 2006-09-06 20:46
30% less xp lost when you die means if you forgot to save you dont lose an entire levels worth of XP to the pool
karlendo @ 2006-09-15 20:41
i hope this never gets put in (people claim to have it, i've yet to see anyone actually cast it). if someone dies and you didn't cast it on them they'll raise hell, if you choose to cast this instead of spamming calms/debuffs/charms to save thier arse and they still die they'll raise hell... no win situation for crats.

every death will cause drama in one way or another, and with the amount of regain% crats can get it's not even all that useful. on average one pen mission is about 120k SK (with a crat, not stacking), this would save around 35k sk from pooling if you died at the end. you can recoup 35k in just a few kills.
Tshaar @ 2006-09-20 20:16
Got it 20 sec ago (I'm so happy right now ^^)!
Chest loot in misty dreams nasc dungeon
enlightned @ 2006-10-08 20:27
i have one in my shop! 250 mil RK1! right outside rome blue wewt!
idmclaren @ 2006-12-27 14:05
I was playing with a crat that... well, I don't remember the name of the spell, it must have been this one though. I regained the xp lost upon death more quickly. Very very handy. If no one knows what else that could be, this was it. Wish I knew how to get it on my crat...
samuel1001 @ 2006-12-28 08:02
i remember back when i 1st got sl i was in a team where a crat had this but that was the 1st and last time i ever saw it in the the last 2 to 3 years
Twinkywinky @ 2006-12-30 23:14
sold one for 5m-.- i thought im lucky lol:DD(found in sl mish)
Jinzost @ 2007-02-14 00:29
EatMyDust69us @ 2004-01-29 02:18
It exists, it just hasn't been implemented yet, because the game has to go through thousands of lines of code even just to calculate how much xp will be saved when you die. Hold your horses, it will be put in eventually

lol how do u explain how easily it calculates how much more u get with crat xp modifiers? It's not that hard to calculate % of something, just go here and find out
unkman @ 2007-02-19 16:36
your posting to something 3 years ago figure they dont even care to check this post any more
Unkerror @ 2007-03-01 12:41
[Team Loot Messages] Jenovasson looted Dirty Money Shadow Crystal (Emergency XP Loss Reducer: 30) from Treasure.
3-1-2007 5:40am
guess it still drops ;)
G-Force @ 2007-04-03 04:02
Who cares about keeping 30% of your xp when you already have a crat on the team?
Dumbarajko @ 2007-04-21 18:04
I cant find this anywhere and i know no one who has it. But i think this is important only when someone is close to ding 220
spume @ 2007-06-01 16:01
Its in Rkshadows city shop for around 80 mil
hardstyler88 @ 2007-06-05 16:14
what's the need for this nano? if you can cast this, you are a crat. a crat has IA. 280% xp regain is alot better than that piece of junk
spume @ 2007-06-07 08:43
NO idea, but if any foo want it, its in Baflors shop, City 1c in SAV.
Mrpokeydelta @ 2007-07-19 07:10
yah but with froobs this nano has new meaning. closest thing froobs will get to IA o btw i was bored and had my nt repair a dirty money version of this now i have the original non crashing version on RK2 /Disco
Zinrax @ 2007-09-02 17:23
Lucky i have expansions.. btw i see this on GMS for 25M atm.
Haruspex @ 2009-03-18 20:04
Useless. Especially with pools and crat regain now.
Micsnipe @ 2009-05-31 23:24
Awesome for froobs really, near the end when we need a lot of xp for one ding, 30% not gone is hours of work saved, and ive only teamed with a sloob crat once :P
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