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Item Database - Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-XX)

Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-XX) Icon #117945 Hacks into the Omni-Pol Secured Supply channel and creates a dummy supply order for a distance weapon. This order is instantly Grid-warped into the inventory of the fixer, with the appropriate amount of credits being deducted. To avoid detection, it is necessary to attach the dummy order to an existing order, so you can never be entirely certain of the type of distance weapon that will be delivered. NOTE: You must have an empty slot in your inventory for the transfer to be successful (you will still be charged even if the transfer is unsuccessful). The system performs a regular inventory check, and any items found to have been delivered to the incorrect location are Grid-warped back into storage.
Flags Modified Description
Patch 13.0 14.4.2 15.0.1 15.5.5
QL 8
Crystal Nano Crystal (Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-XX))
Nanocost 20
School Space
Attack time 8s
Recharge time 3s
Range 1 m
Stacking order 3
Defense skills
Nano resist 0 %
Attack skills
Matter creation 50 %
Time and space 50 %
To Use User Time and space >= 49 and
User Matter creation >= 62 and
User Visual profession == Fixer and
User Credits >= 4
On Use User Hit Credits -3 .. -3  
User Summon Item FESM  
Doomeater @ 2005-04-01 20:16
Is this 1 rollable?
Kitor @ 2005-04-06 08:44
yes. i rolled in a lvl 2 mish
Kryptov @ 2005-05-29 16:23
I dont really understand these 'summon' lines of nanos. Someone told me that they are useless because by the time you are capable of using them, the items they summon are too low for you. But can you sell the items to shops for more money?

Or, can you cast this on a newbie so that he gets the item?
CrazyDoc @ 2005-07-16 06:38
They Seem Decent i like them Summon a wepond Use it to shoot or melee some hecks dig a bit and recast it :P and if i run out of ammo all i have to do is Restock some ammo if i'm in the middle of no where and i have to kill trash king or summthing in the middle of no where or i'm to lazy to go to the shop it really decent if u can pay for it *cough* as in pay i mean rich ass fixers who has 10-100mil :p all i have is 1mil so i stick with the low ones till i think i cna pay for the next one ^.^
shotgun78 @ 2005-07-19 22:34
where can i get this nano? is the only way form missions or can i buy it?
Yurdle @ 2006-01-10 22:33
I'm pretty sure general stores (nano department) have the low QL's of the summon lines.
Satertek @ 2006-03-25 02:14
What item does it actually summon? Is it in the DB?
Bladededge @ 2006-03-26 13:03
you can get a couple of twinking guns from this nano
remember @ 2009-05-09 18:02
where to get???????
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