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Item Database - Summon Grid Armor Mk I

Summon Grid Armor Mk I This temporarily creates a Multi-Spatial Phasing Beacon, which is used by fixers to enable them to exist both in Gridspace and the real world at the same time. The appearance of the fixer when in this form has lead to this device being called 'grid armor'. When being worn, the fixer evades most attacks, yet can still interact with the world as normal. The Beacon lasts for 6 hours.
Flags Modified Description
Can Apply Self
Patch 13.0 14.2.1 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.8.53
QL 60
Crystal Nano Crystal (Summon Grid Armor Mk I)
NCU 19
Nanocost 848
School Space: 1036
Attack time 1s
Recharge time 1s
Range 1 m
Stacking order 11
To Use User Profession == Fixer and
User Breaking and entry >= 174 and
User Time and space >= 261 and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 365
On Use User Summon Item GRAO  
gronemann @ 2002-08-01 17:12
Do anybody know where i can find this nano... Plz send tell to Farnell on RK-1
faelinis @ 2002-09-06 16:10
can an AGENT Fp into grid armor?
Lasa @ 2002-09-26 22:57
Agent can�t use Gride Armor
Metphygal @ 2002-10-23 13:47
you can get it from claw camp ql 90 and u can also find GA MK2 aswell but the claws are hard to beat im a RK 2 person|||||||||| Metaphygal
Fostar @ 2002-11-08 05:54
Were is this claw camp and does it drop often or not?
Slammer @ 2003-01-13 07:29
Claw camp is in the SW corner of Pleasent Medows.. Just nort of Omni-Trade.
And no... It's not a common drop. They have maby over 100 different Nano Discs in their loot tables... What do you think the chances are they'll drop the one you want. (Let alone GA)
Flame @ 2003-01-15 10:36
Is this GA nano crystal nodrop? Cause if it is, I've wasted alot of time..
moonshade @ 2003-02-10 20:19
No it's not NODROP, you can take a look at Instruction Disc (Summon Grid Armor Mk I)
Sniperted @ 2003-04-26 11:08
GA 1 can also be found outside Broken Shores Outpost. Take wompah from rome red. The bronto mamas and monolith blubbags are the ones that drop em. Good Hunting
Pereshon @ 2003-07-07 18:37
Is there other places where I can find GA Mk 1? Please send tell to Pereshon RK-2. Or send here please help me
Gng @ 2003-09-04 00:54
any boss of the right QL, or the shopping channel (forum), 15-20m
DocSushi @ 2003-10-18 23:08
You can also find it in team missions. I found it in a QL52 team mission in a chest.
Kotobukiran @ 2003-12-27 06:37
Lazare @ 2004-01-16 21:52
I found 1 on bodyguards in foremans
Icon @ 2004-07-29 14:30
I've found this ID twice. The first time was in Clondyke, they have a very low droprate, but will drop from Direseeds there. The next time I was in a solo mission, found it in a box. I believe the ql of the mission was 52 or 54, settings were lrmmlr.
Triceratroll @ 2004-07-31 19:27
found one in a box in a lvl 62 solo mission^^
GridFixxer @ 2004-11-05 19:22
How much are all the Grid armor worth and do u just have 2 recast the GA when it runs out?? PST!! 2 Gridfixxer for the answer or post on this ty
Regidoc @ 2004-12-24 23:27
GA1: 10-15
GA2: 40-50
GA3: 90-120
GA4: 200+
PeteFox @ 2005-06-15 11:49
This nano summons the grid armour at
For 6 hours? Or are the 2 completely seperate?
ober @ 2005-07-09 20:36
I've found three if this, and one of the MK II so far..
two first from team mish's, one on boss, one on a salamander(!), both mish's around level 60. Then I found one MK II somewhere (can't remember, normal human mob or barrel) in a team mish level 88 I believe. And yesterday I found a MK I while helping an orgmate at foremans. We got trained by some stupid engi, and one of the mobs in the train dropped the ga ;p
Faynt @ 2005-07-12 23:17
A question to all those ppl who found GA1 in a chest, Was it locked??
Terrilocks @ 2005-07-27 22:17
BTW, GA1 now goes for about 20mil and GA4 goes fo up to 170mil. Thats RK! and just an update on prices. Regidoc's prices for GA2 and 3 r still about the same.
houserocker @ 2005-08-01 15:18
Found in a brown box in QL58 team mission while out hunting for PPE (shape hard/soft). Lowest price in player shops was 25m, did not take long to find a buyer at 20m.
Freor @ 2005-08-03 18:11
Just found one in a skeleton while leveling my doc. It was a level 52 solo mission.
philip @ 2005-08-17 08:44
Found on a dead mob, solo mission, ql 45.
philip @ 2005-08-19 23:56
well, im level 57 now and just found a second ga 1 on a skeleton, mission ql 57, with 5% loot ql bonus. RK missions > heckler noobies.
drakidia @ 2006-01-09 01:23
Could anyone explain to me how this could be buffed on at level 15? I just made a level 15 fixer that I am planning to twink and It's absolutely numbing to see how much I have to do to get this on.
What's even worse is that I don't know how to get a belt on to actually get the NCU for buffs. help?
Yurdle @ 2006-01-10 22:41
19 NCU is actually not very hard for a lvl 15+. simply get a 2-3 deck slot belt and load them with memories. Though, you need good ones that add enough to get 19 or higher. Split them up. The memories may take a while at the shops to find the right QL, you may have to run around to other shops and repeat from the first one.
Msauss @ 2006-01-21 19:11
look, I think everything drops this!
so solution: kill a hell of alot of stuff
lorddredd @ 2006-02-25 19:34
In order to equip GA1 at lvl 15 you'll need a lot more than 19 ncu :). You'll need more like 160 to 170ish for all the buffs, which is why it is rather numbing to consider. I have a lvl 15 solitus grid armor fixer, and I'll try to give a quick rundown of what it takes. NCU is really the biggest issue to overcome. To get up to 171 ncu, I equipped a 4x belt and QL 79 mem chips (23 ncu each), a Ring of Nucleus Basalis (20 ncu), Crypt collar (30 ncu) and a full set of QL44 carb armor (21 ncu) with 8 base ncu to start with. You'll have to go in phases implanting various skills alternately to get all that on. You will probably want to start with implanting computer literacy, get as high as you can, throw on a 3 slot belt, then implant treatment to get the Nucleus ring up to 20 ncu. Now with more space for buffs, go back to complit, get on a 4x belt and some big chips. Then I went for bio met implants (70 to 75ish)- to equip the crypt collar. Had to max biomet skill, plus BM Mochams, 132 wrangle, NS, and I think I even needed the intelligence pistols, and some pieces of the Omni executive suit for the last couple points. That should take care of the ncu, now you can put in your permanent implants. I ended up with 90's for weapon implants (at least anything that was stamina based) and 76-81 for the nanoskills implants. You really have to be careful when you go to cast the armor and start wearing it. In order to put on GA you have to take off all the buffing equipment (since GA is social armor) and you really don't want to go through that again if your wrangle runs out before you've gotten your armor on. Once you get the wrangle, you'll have three minutes to cast the armor- unequip all your carb armor, rings, and crypt collar- and get the grid armor on. If you have a nice trader you may want to get two wrangles in a row, so it's less of a time cruch. As for buffs to cast it, you'll need a 131 wrangle, and a few MP buffs- three masteries/infuses depending how you've implanted (I believe I needed MC infuse, and MM, TS Mast
jaycray9 @ 2006-04-08 22:35
i got this nano i say it rocks my sox, but after 75 its worthless
Shiare @ 2006-04-23 22:33
well, I looted a QL60 GA ID off of toxic bloater in foreman dungeon. I assume I got lucky though....but they seem to drop a lot of ID's.
Yakobo66 @ 2006-04-30 16:51
Dumam @ 2006-05-03 19:50
nope uber nano and the nano doesent drop. Just the ID
poison666 @ 2006-10-04 19:00
Gave up on this nano due to high price and IP wasted on MC, anyone got a spare ID though pst to Uberfix0 on RK-2.
Venderim @ 2006-11-01 20:02
Lol the amount of posts saying where they got it, I think Msauss @ 2006-01-21 19:11 says it perfectly....kill everything around lvl50-70. Point is GA disc will drop at random from any mob that drops tradeskill items, or in mission chests/boxes.
kady @ 2007-01-05 18:47
I heared that there were some items u can wear next to it . any1 knows ?
zerogates @ 2007-01-26 01:19
GA is social armor so anything you can wear with the battle armors you should be able to wear with GA, unless it says otherwise. Some shades can be worn with GA and things that are technically not armor.
hulk1 @ 2007-03-01 06:49
Terrif @ 2008-03-26 11:43
i get one in a box in mission, i was looking for nothing special and i looted the box and i saw it in, my best drop in all my AO life XD
Extremokick @ 2008-04-27 20:02
OMG im so happy me and my Friend Camped safes in Biomare for 2 days Got 100 safes, BAm there was the Disc in the very last safe

i gave his cousin the disc,he gave me the Crystal hehe
Duma567 @ 2008-07-11 06:38
You can wear skinchips with GA org m8 has done it before
joshua512 @ 2008-11-12 12:36
Is it rollable?
Clerisy @ 2009-05-24 01:09
jonjonz @ 2009-07-24 04:24
I found two GA I's within a month. Both times in QL 60 team missions with 2 people in the team. Each time the GA disk was found in one of those small square brown boxes. I somehow had thought the boxes were a waste of time, that somehow they only contain junk, boy was I glad I was wrong.
jonjonz @ 2009-07-24 04:26
Actually it was 2 Instruction Disks for GA I
Chartax @ 2009-11-29 18:57
QL87 solo mission, looted from a regular dyna mob.Sold for 18m.

Pretty crap for paid players, but very good armor for froobies. Wearable with certain stuffs, such as Corroded Ring in Foremans, and reward boards, making it important that if you're a GA Fixer to get loads of tokens ;)
darkblades @ 2009-12-22 11:27
just wanna clear up the current price(on RK2 i checked GMS for these)
GA1 = 8m-15mish
GA2 = 50m-100m(according to GMS price im not sure on this)
GA3 = 200m
GA4 = 800m-1bil
Kilawatt @ 2010-01-23 23:29
found ga1-2 at least 4-5 times so far best place ive found to look for em is in foremans, drop from bloaters and guards near director also chance of ns1
Therrito @ 2010-12-17 11:11
10 mins ago a friend gave me GA4 nano for FREE!!
Gotta love the price.
I almost pewp'd my pants.
Makamae @ 2011-03-19 03:01
Currently twinking this on my 14 fixer. I calced everything and it should work and be 100% :D
tazerboy @ 2011-07-14 00:45
cool! im going to makeca fixer lvl 25 and put it on him what are the rpices for it now?
deanarthur @ 2012-03-26 16:45
Guess what I found :) the disk for this baby on blotters in Foremans. So for all you people who don't look at loot, you better think again. GA2 can be found in safes dropped by guards further up in Foremans. Good hunting. p.s. VERY RARE drop. When I think of the hours I spent lvling my toons in foremans I would definately recommend purchasing this baby for under 50mil if you have the cash. I also purchased the nano for 30 mil previously.
Lootwig @ 2022-01-23 19:05
Not exactly. GA1 is a rare but regular find in the personal safes dropped by security guards in Foreman's, but I never found GA2 in there. One time in all those years I found a GA2 on a bodyguard mob,
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