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Item Database - Null Space Disruptor

Null Space Disruptor Icon #118034 This nano formula surrounds the engineer with a pulsing field of nanobots. Every 20 seconds, this field will pulse out from the engineer and harm all nearby enemies. The nanobot field then returns to the engineer, to reform for the next pulse. This particular field temporarily decreases all reflection shield ACs by 48 points.
Flags Default Target, Buff Nano
Patch 13.0 14.4.2 15.0.1 15.5 15.5.5 17.6 17.8 18.8.53
QL 189
Crystal Nano Crystal (Null Space Disruptor)
NCU 58
Nanocost 665
School Protection: Engineer offensive aura
Duration 30 minutes
Attack time 7s
Recharge time 4s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 117826
Stacking order 58
Defense skills
Nano resist 0 %
Attack skills
Matter creation 34 %
Matter metamorphosis 33 %
Time and space 33 %
To Use User Matter creation >= 874 and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 874 and
User Time and space >= 874 and
User Visual profession == Engineer
On Use User AOE 10m Null Space Disruptor  
User AOE 10m Null Space Disruptor  90 hits, 20s delay
Reiback @ 2002-09-03 11:54
And where can I find them?
rudeboy @ 2002-11-20 02:51
Missions. You can even roll em from mission terms
Pfex @ 2003-04-23 18:05
and what does it do.... ?
Evilperson @ 2003-05-02 14:24
disruptive auras should be much stronger to really defeat those soldier and adventurer damage/reflect shields...
Locutus85952 @ 2003-08-19 10:52
duh, this is AO nothing is ment to defeat the purpose of anything.. just like GA isnt supposed to defeat the purpose of people attacking them with physical attacks.. oh erm? huh.. And just like trader's drains isnt supposed to defeat the purpose of using weapons or nanos? WTF lol.. and just like NS isnt oh.. whatever I give up :D
Yace @ 2004-05-18 09:44
All NTs and Soldiers will never fight in the Arena against me if I ask them Muhahaha ;)
Awaren @ 2005-07-30 23:54
Does this thing drop the reflection by 48 all the time a soldier or any other with reflective shield stays near the egineer?
So Soldiers will allways have 75-48 when staying near an engineer?
seejin @ 2005-08-02 17:45
only when open for pvp and not teamed with that engi.
asche @ 2005-09-20 19:41
Goodbye rffe...
AxTng1 @ 2005-10-03 18:12
r u nubi?
enfoz @ 2005-10-14 23:57
ph@t l33t
malewerecat @ 2006-01-22 10:18
would this perhaps destory an NT's NS1-2? ^^
slytha @ 2006-01-27 17:33
it destroys 100 - 48 = 52
so the engi makes half dmg if NS is running^^
Tarradax @ 2006-03-02 13:56
Ever wanted to frag a smug soldier hiding behind his TMS, a NT with NS2, or those annoying RRFE lamers? Well, now you can ;)
And this is especially brutal against NTs, since they can't move while NS is up. Just use this, hide out of LoS and let your pet rip 'em a new one.
Vibe @ 2006-07-17 13:21
This is handy in sl/rk team missions too if the boss has a reflect that affects someone's damage in the team. Just don't use it if theres a calmed mob next to the boss.
picsl2 @ 2006-10-26 03:46
Tarra that would be smart, if NT's weren't the Calming kings
Dalek @ 2007-04-17 01:56
Taaradax - And this is especially brutal against NTs, since they can't move while NS is up. Just use this, hide out of LoS and let your pet rip 'em a new one.

Is this before or after the NT mezzes them and /moons rdy to own the engie?
minusa @ 2007-06-26 00:32
If engi learned his lessons and read "101 way to unmezz your pets" - NT' calms aren't going to stop engi pets (at least at towers) Too bad NTs have NbS/NbG now
Threeze @ 2008-03-28 23:13
usable by agents =) interesting.
Vabla2 @ 2008-05-28 14:00
What the hell? FC ninja nerfed this into being a pvp only nano or what?
Keex @ 2008-09-12 23:07
seems so
daidi @ 2008-10-06 14:41
Still works against non playling characters (ie mobs). Or what do you guys mean?
Atilise @ 2008-10-06 17:07
learn to read guys, it casts if the user is not an NPC, nothing about effecting mobs.
Darketernal @ 2008-11-28 04:52
yep usaable by agent... fp engi, cast engi reflect + this + whatever other engi buffs then true prof outta it and go doc then rape some soldierz :P
alesicis @ 2009-06-25 07:06
ah my god, no chance to break, never noticed that before
houserocker @ 2009-08-22 22:18
Would be pretty worthless to have reflect removed only when not hitting the target.
Ciekafsky @ 2009-11-08 19:59
I cant roll it :(
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