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Item Database - Advanced Restoration Kit

Advanced Restoration Kit Icon #11714 This advanced stim will restore both your health and your nano energy. NOTE: You cannot First-Aid anyone again for a brief period after using this.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Use Empty Destruct, Has Energy, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Use, Eat, Stackable, Apply Friendly
Patch 13.0 13.4 14.4.2 15.0.1 15.5.5 15.8 16.0
Change QL:
Value 80000
Range 3 m
Clip 150 - 0
Mass 0.3kg
To Use User First aid >= 1001 and
User Target & 35
On Use Target Hit Health 700 .. 1000  
Target Hit Current nano 700 .. 1000  
Target Graphics Effect #13600  
Target Lock First aid 40s  
Chat Text Your body is prickling.  
On Activate Self AddSkill First aid 3  
Ultranova @ 2005-09-01 19:20
Anyone know how to make or where to get these?
Cyniq @ 2005-09-21 00:59
Ask Doctors for sure they'll gonna make it for You. (Obviously not for free :P)
Aelanna @ 2006-03-09 21:23
Anyone can make these with items available in any shop. Do note, however, that the components are VERY expensive, and a stack of ql 200s will cost around 1.5m or so for 150.

Nano Knot of Restoration
Receptive Bots
Mimicking Cellular Oil
Pyrre @ 2008-04-18 16:27
If you use onyl ql200 parts, maybe that price is correct. However I just made a QL194 batch with 146 charges for about 850k. Remember with enough skill you can start with quite a bit lower ql on the receptive bots and still end up with QL200.
Xyphos @ 2009-11-15 20:37
I make these with my engi; I usually buy the parts from shops with 2.1k CompLit gear on then TS them with TS gear on. I get a stack of 150 QL200's every time as long as the bought parts are QL185+ cuz they tend to bump QL's quite a bit with high tradeskills. then when I've made 6 stacks of 500 (20 of each bought part type) I hock them in front of the 220 BS for 5m per 500. they sell like hotcakes and I get a nice profit out of it. Also sell QL200 Emergency Treatment Kits (4k heal kit) and they sell well also.
morg2625 @ 2010-02-01 06:35
I tried these on my fixer they are fairly easy to make but a little expensive cost me about 12k to make a ql11 set of 40. They are kinda of cool when your soloing. But they realy excell when your on a team and need to get the doctor out of trouble quick. All Of the stuff to make em is found in the shops. the recipe is very simple and can be found here

( all of these ingred. should be with 90% of each other. )
Nano Knot of Restoration
Receptive Bots
Mimicking Cellular Oil
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