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Item Database - Neleb's Nano-circuit Robe

Neleb's Nano-circuit Robe Icon #151898 This robe is made from a strange fabric and is threaded with nano circuitry and multiple nano interfaces. When worn, it establishes multiple, redundant communication channels between the Nano Controller Unit and the nanobot cloud. These extra communication channels make it easier to control nanobots.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 12.8 12.9 13.6
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Back
Value 100000
Equip time 1s
Mass 5kg
Max health 10000
To Equip User Matter metamorphosis >= 231 and
User Time and space >= 231 and
User Matter creation >= 231 and
User Sensory improvement >= 231 and
User Psychological modifications >= 231 and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 231 and
User Level >= 36
On Equip User Texture Legs 151900  
User Texture Body 151901  
User Texture Arms 151902  
User Modify Energy AC 40  
User Modify Radiation AC 25  
User Modify Sensory improvement 8  
User Modify Matter metamorphosis 8  
User Modify Biological metamorphosis 8  
User Modify Psychological modifications 8  
User Modify Matter creation 8  
User Modify Time and space 8  
User Modify Max nano 90  
User Mesh Body robe  
erikfriend @ 2002-04-23 21:25
dropped by 'Neleb The Deranged' in Steps Of Madness
Pfex @ 2003-04-25 20:02
OMW to get it .....
ShacklerIII @ 2004-02-12 17:07
talk about HP , jeez this guy has HP like a lvl200 mob
Talan @ 2004-07-22 16:23
Helped a org-mate get his robe just now, damn insane HP and a nasty shield, but at least the loot was nice.
Madman100 @ 2005-02-20 13:18
damn that robe is so funky! :D
DJLost03 @ 2005-04-05 05:35
does it still drop?
I heard the loot table in SoM was messed up..
Jardor @ 2005-04-28 12:43
i need this robe too how much damage can he hit?
Mkfuz @ 2005-05-01 08:39
neleb is level 553
Mkfuz @ 2005-05-01 08:41
neleb is level 53
rutger @ 2005-06-09 18:49
his health bar is soooo.. hugh..
Tuanz @ 2005-06-17 13:08
i solo'd him easy with my MA, took awhile, but he dropped still. But his is uber strong for sumone at his lvl
Username @ 2005-07-06 23:23
Tip for those who can debuff nano skills: do it. That way Neleb cant cast his annoying shield. He usually starts using it when hes down to 50%-30% health.
donger @ 2005-09-21 00:05
enfo can probably solo it at lvl 70 as neleb hits for poo
jeycihn @ 2005-09-23 12:55
still drops, if you can't debuff the sheild, take the time to heal,reload, and don't waste your specials just for a 6-10pt. hit. as soon as that shld drops, spend hell on him, took me 35-40 minutes including cleaning out the room to get him alone w/ my lvl 80 solo advent. He's a good challenge for a antisocial solo. Unfortunate I didn't need his drops. hint: keep the room cleared, pull him to the front after spawn, or get nailed by his for noob trains curious about what he "looks like" ;\ o . . . and USERNAME is right, the last 2 blocks are a b!tch. gl.
Skarmory @ 2005-10-14 14:56
Two Q's:
1. Is Neleb camped
2. How high a level is SoM?
tegrere @ 2005-10-18 08:01
he isnt camped
and it only gives xp for 30-50, but u can only kill stuff from 90 and up. lvl 115 and up highly recomended for killing neleb
houserocker @ 2005-10-27 01:48
Even at level 100+ some of the monsters in Steps Of Madness can take a while to kill. Neleb's shield blocks 98% of your damage, so once he starts using're going to be there a while. I went from hitting him for 1000 on my fixer to hitting him for 21 points of damage. Also a bit annoying that he drains your nano. For lowbies looking to get the robe, I suggest to just get a higher level friend to help you. A team of 50's could probably do it just fine too, but it would take forever.
Syriio @ 2005-11-26 22:40
Just FYI, Nelebs shield only lasts for like 15 - 20 seconds so it's no probs to kill him solo at all 130+ or so makes it a breeze.
fantsom @ 2005-12-07 03:20
Soloable at lvl 215 !
Lugubrizione @ 2005-12-09 12:21
My 60 MP got him to around than 10% twice, but then heal pet refused to do its' task, and since I din't bother clearing room - Splat... Luckily a 75 crat friend helped me, and we did it easy, except that it took like 15 - 20 minutes. Worth it, though! :)

Kinda annoying that my Rage Suppression din't work even though I meet req's of 327 PM easy. "This nano is unavailable at the moment..." Watch out for debuff/deinit from the damn meatballs around Neleb, btw. Somehow their effect doesn't show except that pets disobey.

Not going back in a while...
alder @ 2005-12-11 23:56
"My 60 MP got him to around than 10% twice, but then heal pet refused to do its' task"
the pet got out of nano - cast a ncr and nano regain on it
Sferykal @ 2006-01-13 08:38
Lugubrizione, I have similar problems on my soldier, and the problems start way earlier in the dungeon already (at the place where you run into these little pets). I bet one of the debuffs is bugged, because the nano skills show ok in the skill window, but you get told your PM is not high enough to cast XYZ.
Jippo @ 2006-01-16 13:35
lol, i weared this asap in dungeon and get killed before reach out:) Poor AC's, may I say :D
Msauss @ 2006-03-09 14:46
where is Steps Of Madness? can lvl 95s come in?
reids @ 2006-04-24 00:48
I soloed neleb at level 68 with a 89 pet...
Vladja @ 2006-05-10 18:05
The dungeon is located in Omni forest at 800x2800 and you can enter at any level.
Click the creepy looking eye to enter :-)
christy10 @ 2006-05-16 17:24
the mobs here are low-level but have INSANE HP!
bartje @ 2006-06-03 15:35
Jippo @ 2006-01-16 13:35
lol, i weared this asap in dungeon and get killed before reach out:) Poor AC's, may I say :D

whahahhahhahhahahhahahha this robe isnt used for the AC's Mate! xD
twink use it ( like me ;D ClaMMERS WATCH O UT!! ) for the +8 nanoskills.. almost as good as reani only wearable 39 before it ;)
Yakobo66 @ 2006-07-16 02:29
re-ani has 1/2 decent AC's :D
Grawk @ 2006-08-10 15:02
I got that "PM is not high enough" too, so I couldnt use my usual mongo, only lower one. Relogging helped and I didnt get it another time.
Shelaugo @ 2006-08-16 20:38
lol about his HP,, i used a device on him, this came out ::: "Your target's Maximum Health is: 113368. The Max Nano points are: 23753. The Current Nano Points are: 23821" ^^
RobB @ 2006-08-26 00:47
This is bugged as fighting NPCs usualy run out of nanos
RobB @ 2006-08-26 00:47
Mr4kopl4s @ 2006-09-08 15:05
for engs is easy solable in lvl 50
Mr4kopl4s @ 2006-09-08 15:07
but if u try ^^, u will know, why dungeon's name is step of madness :P
jeycihn @ 2006-11-16 14:50
sigh...i hate reading crap i wrote years later...where's the delete key.... :P
Vxrniss @ 2006-11-17 07:41
His shield is called hide in memory, an MP can unmake his T&S or a trader can drain it dead...
Scoville @ 2007-01-10 08:54
How long's the respawn? :) somebody else is here first :/
Scoville @ 2007-01-10 10:35
I waited it out...Respawn appears to be about 30 minutes.
Funkyengie @ 2007-03-15 22:47
I will tip 5Mil if i can get help getting this robe, i am clan so, protection from 220's would be helpful if it spawns in omni side :) Thx
Taristin @ 2007-03-26 20:11
Just got one this morning. Its easy.
Rico99 @ 2007-05-11 03:07
Jesus ! 'Neleb The Deranged' has HP to die for ! was passing by with my 105 MA toon and he took ages to kill !
He does indeed hit for poo tho as I never had to heal once during the fight but it was very worrying as it was taking so long to kill him, he seems to zap you with something that messes up your attacks, my brawling was down to 5 or 6 points at one point (rather than 1000+).
If funkyengie is still after a robe give a shout for Rico99 ingame (I'll sell a lot cheaper than that)
Jedifrank @ 2007-05-16 16:47
Remember to kill all add's.. before killing Neleb.. If add's is not killed.. then you only hit for 6points.. the last 20%
ephedra @ 2007-05-22 02:58
Soloed Neleb with my 54 froob MP (lvl 72 pet) . Took about an hour to take him down after endless recasts of heal and meez pets. His shield is realy annoying.
Starcrafter @ 2007-11-16 17:14
HAHA id u knew that half of a year ago the steps of madness was bugged that mobs casted nano which drained ur psychic and after nanoprogram ended ur psychic didnt restore? :D
Starcrafter @ 2007-11-16 17:14
Koudman @ 2008-01-04 14:33
It took 8 minutes with a froob 125 soldier...
n3othebest @ 2008-02-18 11:28
i killed him with lvl80 enf, hes easy if you have panther. Will be doing it again to get more of my toons the robe
n3othebest @ 2008-02-18 11:28
^^ i'm froob btw
Terrif @ 2008-03-26 12:09
why this robe is lvl 36 more only :'( i would like to have one on my trader twink :'(
Kilawatt @ 2008-04-12 05:37
Just saw a 220 fixer clear the room in under a minute lol neleb went the same way
Fetch911 @ 2008-05-08 22:25
lol wtb rk2

lipchipper (contact me)
Timmysnipe @ 2008-06-23 17:27
b4 they fixed SoM i had an mp around 60ish and i fought him it took me nearly an hr to kill ><
manhunt13 @ 2008-07-30 08:02
if combined with full ehers it reguires Wear:

Matt.Metam from 301
Time&Space from 301
Matter Crea from 301
Sensory Impr from 301
Psycho Modi from 301
Bio Metamor from 301
Level from 41
Not Shade

Sensory Impr 15
Matt.Metam 15
Bio Metamor 15
Psycho Modi 15
Matter Crea 15
Time&Space 15
Max Nano 200
Imp/Proj AC 400
Melee/ma AC 400
Energy AC 400
Chemical AC 400
Radiation AC 400
Cold AC 400
Disease AC 400
Fire AC 400
% Add. Nano Cost -1
Scabadus @ 2008-09-16 02:52
Just soloed with a 60 fixer, GA MK I, QL 75-100 imps, Limber trained and 97 Perennium Beamer, took me about 20 minutes.
Just stick on both HoTs and watch that health go back up :)
wakanerdoo @ 2008-09-30 08:41
i was lucky enough to have a 170ish orgmate escort me through the dungeon :)
the whole dungeon took about 10-15mins, Nelebs room took about 1 min, and Neleb himself took about 15 seconds :D
copperneedle @ 2009-02-03 09:36
I was lucky enough to have at least one 220 camping every time I've been to SoM since patch. Nerf the sudden surge of demand. WTB old SoM soI can have weekly tea with Nelb.
phaetonXIII @ 2009-02-09 21:57
I was the one camping neleb yesterday lol. had a lvl 125 mp a 78 engi and 78 agent on and we usually killed neleb before he got his shields up :D other than that dungeon was empty..
remember @ 2009-05-11 16:38
lol its good and pretty cool
tazerboy @ 2011-05-14 04:49
neleb is lvl 70 now still alote of hp he hits my 155 engi for 50-100
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