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Item Database - Nano Crystal (Warp Time and Space: West Athen)

Nano Crystal (Warp Time and Space: West Athen) Icon #42450 Nano Crystal - The very fabric of time and space is bent and warped around the body of the nanotechnician. This allows the nanotechnician to travel to a distant location instantly. The destination of this particular warping of space is West Athen.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Tell Collision, Has Energy
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 12.8 13.2
Change QL:
Value 1024000
Energy 1
Mass 0.1kg
To Use User Matter creation >= 526 and
User Time and space >= 526 and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 526 and
User Visual profession == Nano-Technician and
User Faction == Clan
On Use User Upload Warp Time and Space: West Athen  
Voriuste @ 2006-04-25 10:02
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