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Item Database - Soul Fragment

Soul Fragment Icon #286955 A fragment of a soul sphere.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Tell Collision, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry
Patch 12.5 12.8 18.3.6 18.8.53
Change QL:
Value 335000
Mass 0.9kg
Sarkaney @ 2002-08-20 23:18
Where can you find it? plz help
Santorin @ 2002-10-09 12:11
It's found as random drops from mobs and chests in missions, as far as I know.
crondeemon @ 2006-02-21 04:05
They drop alot of the time from toxic bloaters in foreman's
modsquad @ 2006-04-28 18:56
Medusua's drop them too.
noir1991 @ 2006-07-16 13:58
where are medusas?
str4ng3 @ 2007-04-19 01:01
medusas are in eastern foul planes
mikek3332002 @ 2008-01-21 09:29
190+ used in vte eggs, found them dropping off mort and pw borgs
Sundiver @ 2008-10-01 12:48
It is almost pointless to go out killing medusas, borgs and melee mobs in general to find these. The drop rate is so low, it will bore you to death before you find anything. The good thing is, from what I have noticed: especially medusas like to drop QL 190-200 gold (rings and bracers), notum chip / fragment / nugget and tons of Miy's nano armor. For me, only QL 190 is of any interest, as I use it to make VTEs. Farming the mantis eggs is so much easier than these. Ironically they cost a couple times more in the market.
Bluebots @ 2009-03-12 08:29
Thats the problem with all mmorpg's, there's too much left to "chance" - 1 day you'll find 5 of these in 10 minutes, another day you can camp for hours an still no drops. Its so goddamn stupid.
Shareida @ 2011-04-15 20:03
I got a bag full of them, and 7 Mantis eggs. And VTE prices are at 50m atm. You jelly?
aocat @ 2011-10-02 19:10
I was camping medusas on my 150 crat for ~1 hour and got two of these, a bunch of gold, some nice ql 200 imps, and a few good rings and bracers.. I don't know if I just got lucky, but I think I gathered most of the parts for a VTE..
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