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Item Database - Mimic Profession: Fixer

Mimic Profession: Fixer Icon #16775 For one hour, the Agent takes on the appearance of a Fixer. This also modifies the nano controller the Agent possesses, allowing the use of Fixer-only nano formulas. Unfortunately this renders the use of Agent-only nano formulas impossible, and the nano controller operates in a slightly sub-optimal fashion.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override, Buff Nano
Patch 11.3 13.8 14.4.2 15.0.1 17.8 17.8.1 18.0 18.8.53
QL 159
Crystal Nano Crystal (Mimic Profession: Fixer)
NCU 100
Nanocost 1642
School Psionic: False professions
Duration 1 hour
Attack time 20s
Recharge time 5s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 16473
Defense skills
Nano resist 0 %
Attack skills
Biological metamorphosis 34 %
Sensory improvement 33 %
Psychological modifications 33 %
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 733 and
User Sensory improvement >= 733 and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 733 and
User Visual profession == Agent
On Use Self Modify Nano cost modifier 15  
Self Modify Nano range -10  
Self Modify Nano interrupt chance 15  
Self Modify Sensory improvement -140  
Self Modify Matter metamorphosis -140  
Self Modify Biological metamorphosis -140  
Self Modify Psychological modifications -140  
Self Modify Matter creation -140  
Self Modify Time and space -140  
Self Modify Nano init -750  
Self Change Visual profession Fixer  
Mystixx @ 2005-08-31 11:40
Gotta love these runbuffs and grid access.. Also other Cool sh9t
Yakobo66 @ 2006-12-15 12:23
evaaaacs XD
Mpetre @ 2007-01-18 23:43
meep meep
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