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Item Database - Eternal Enmity

Eternal Enmity Icon #16230 Attempts to anger the target so that it attacks the caster in favor of other enemies.
Flags Default Target, Item Texture Override
Patch 11.0 13.4 13.8 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.5 18.8.53
QL 162
Crystal Nano Crystal (Eternal Enmity)
NCU 50
Nanocost 350
School Psionic
Attack time 1s
Recharge time 4s
Range 12 m
Stacking order 50
Defense skills
Nano resist 0 %
Attack skills
Psychological modifications 100 %
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 752 and
User Visual profession == Martial Artist
On Use Target Taunt 8500  
rewws @ 2005-09-11 06:26
why is it never possible to pull only the NPC that you are using this nano on?
HDX @ 2005-09-22 00:54
I find it funny that a MA taunt is actually better then the best Enforcer rk taunt, enf's that are supposed to take the agg
LeoMaster @ 2005-10-05 02:41
C'est la vie, c'est la vie, :)
LeoMaster @ 2005-10-14 21:06
Why would anyone for that matter want to use this nano at all? I mean if you want to pull argo solo just walk up to a dude and pound him haha. Unless you are trying to be the puller/tanker, ;).
nimarq @ 2005-10-16 12:25
HDX: Mongo Slam, ql 17 crystal, taunts 2500 - I find your ignorance funny.

LeoMaster: Well, it's kindda for tanking
Shojumaru @ 2005-10-19 03:40
Mongo Slam! Taunts for 2,500 and is the most basic mongo...
Mongo Crush! Taunts for 10,000... Now how is this puny taunt better than enfo's taunts?
LeoMaster @ 2005-10-21 19:14
Actually I found another possible use for this hehe, walk in a room solo in a mission with 3 mobs close together, target one and taunt him/her to pull them away from the group.. never tested but I think in theory it works.
nimarq @ 2005-10-23 21:16
LeoMaster: Most mobs that are hit in any way will make you get AoE aggro, which is why you pull mobs at for instance ado hecklers by running near, getting aggro from one and then pulling it away without hitting to avoid aggro.
Shojumaru @ 2005-10-27 02:53
Yeah, hitting grouped mobs is a no-no, because they'll all come after you... And I really can't see a use for this nano - Even if the MA is tanking, assuming there's no enfo/soldier, he'll be doing the most damage anyway... Especially on hexx.
Tanjitsu @ 2005-11-19 17:54
Well yeah thats true but on occasion ull get like an Agent AS
which will pull the agg. MA will still hold Agg longterm but other profs
as mentioned will take short term agg. This nano is an Aid to increse your
rating in an attempt to regain Agg while u hope for crits :D
LeoMaster @ 2005-12-03 18:13
Or you can use it to pull aggro off a doc or nt if they are in your group and you are the sol tanker/puller/damage dealer, :).
nimarq @ 2006-01-24 17:44
this nano can be used for fake pulling too i spose
Xsonic @ 2006-06-06 08:42
no harm getting one of those since u already have PM
KDawg @ 2007-03-07 22:46
Best use I found for this is when Im doing small AI raids with lower level org mates. We typically dont have a doc or enforcer so this is good to get aggro from the adds while im attacking the hacker and keep org mates alive.
feeship @ 2007-04-06 20:31
My english is not good. What can I do whit this nano? In better words than thoses
feeship @ 2007-04-06 20:44
I mean, I buff this nano in mob, and he attack me? what can I win doing this? (sorry for 2 posts)
AlphaCenta @ 2007-04-21 15:13
Feeship: You use this nano on a mob. He will act as if you just hit him for another 1767 damage, and if you are "lucky" he will come after you instead of your squish teammates. AKA: Aggro Management.
Worldnuker @ 2007-12-31 01:22
1768, it hits for 1 aswell 8)
bugi @ 2008-06-05 08:53
Just to put some things right, in case someone is still reading ages old comments without checking stuff...
Nimarq and Shojumaru commented about HDX's being wrong with his comment on this taunt being better than best enfo taunt, pulling Mongo's as comparison... Well, partially right, partially wrong... Mongo's are area taunts, and enforcers do have a single target taunts, too, and the best (at the time RK-only) single-taunt from enfos was (and still is) a little bit less effective than this one. The SL-taunts have corrected the situation, for those with SL expansion, that is.
Djeto @ 2010-05-05 21:32
haha ye bugi you are totally right it's like comparing a melee weapon with a ranged weapon indeed 2 different stuff. Anyway i c use for this nano in any team if your not the main tank and let's say 1 monster attacks and the enfo didn't c but you did you can use this to quickly pull some aggro and safe squishies in your team.And there are many more uses for it!!
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