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Character Database - Docios

Sometimes "Docios" Totalmanic
Dimension Rimor Character face
Level 220
AI Level Defender (21)
Breed Solitus
Gender Male
Profession Doctor
Faction Omni
Guild Dark Front
Rank Member
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2011 Sep 01
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2011-09-0122021OmniDark FrontMember
2011-08-1122020OmniDark FrontMember
2011-06-0122020OmniDark FrontApplicant
2011-02-0622020OmniDark FrontExecutive
2010-12-1622019OmniDark FrontExecutive
2010-12-0122017OmniDark FrontExecutive
2010-11-2621917OmniDark FrontExecutive
2010-11-0721816OmniDark FrontExecutive
2005-11-30664OmniDisciples of Omni-TekUnit Member
2005-04-22664OmniTemple of Three WindsUnit Member
2005-03-30634OmniTemple of Three WindsUnit Member
2005-01-07630OmniDisciples of Omni-TekApplicant
2004-07-0363OmniDisciples of Omni-TekApplicant
2004-04-0160OmniDisciples of Omni-TekApplicant
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