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Character Database - Simsiim

Dimension Rimor Character face
Level 145
AI Level Fledgling (1)
Breed Opifex
Gender Male
Profession Agent
Faction Neutral
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2012 Apr 01
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild

Character deleted
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2008-12-081451NeutralThe House of Black StarUnit Member
2008-12-031451NeutralThe House of Black StarApplicant
2008-11-251451NeutralRepublic of Black StarApplicant
2008-11-031451NeutralHouse of Black StarApplicant
2008-10-131451NeutralHouse of Black StarUnit Member
2008-09-291431NeutralHouse of Black StarUnit Member
2004-11-29143NeutralBlack Star =UO=Applicant
2004-09-02143NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-08-19141NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-08-18140NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-08-17137NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-08-16131NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-08-15128NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-08-12126NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-08-11118NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-08-07117NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-08-06114NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-07-28109NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-07-25106NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-07-13103NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-07-1297NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-07-0492NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-2791NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-2686NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-2582NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-2280NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-2177NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-2072NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-1461NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-1339NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-1227NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-0923NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
2004-06-0720NeutralBlack Star =UO=Unit Member
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