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Character Database - Ipressoudie

Oversized "Ipressoudie" Doug
Dimension Rimor Character face
Level 170
AI Level Supporter (19)
Breed Atrox
Gender Neuter
Profession Agent
Faction Omni
Guild Ring of Destruction
Rank Applicant
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2012 Apr 01
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2012-04-0117019OmniRing of DestructionApplicant
2010-11-0717019OmniRing of DestructionSquad Commander
2008-08-0617018OmniRing of DestructionSquad Commander
2008-08-0217018OmniRing of DestructionUnit Commander
2008-06-0917017OmniRing of DestructionUnit Commander
2008-06-0817015OmniRing of DestructionUnit Commander
2008-06-0517015OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-06-0317014OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-05-1817013OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-05-1616713OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-05-1516013OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-05-1415513OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-05-1315113OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-04-2215013OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-04-1415012OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-03-0515011OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-02-1715010OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-02-141509OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-02-131508OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2008-02-071505OmniRing of DestructionUnit Member
2007-11-131505OmniRing of DestructionApplicant
2007-09-171495OmniRing of DestructionApplicant
2007-08-031495OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-07-231475OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-07-101465OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-07-091455OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-07-081415OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-07-051385OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-07-021315OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-06-211235OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-05-291234OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-05-261164OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-05-231074OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-05-211073OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-05-20873OmniRing of FuryUnit Commander
2007-05-19633OmniRing of FuryApplicant
2007-05-16632OmniRing of FuryApplicant
2007-05-15622OmniRing of FuryApplicant
2007-05-13252OmniRing of FuryApplicant
2007-05-12192OmniRing of FuryApplicant
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