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Character Database - Doojoo

Why "Doojoo" Run
Dimension Rimor Character face
Level 30
AI Level None (0)
Breed Atrox
Gender Neuter
Profession Agent
Faction Clan
Guild The Asylum
Rank Applicant
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2010 Apr 27
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2010-04-27300ClanThe AsylumApplicant
2010-04-20300ClanKnights of Ka 2Applicant
2010-04-19300ClanKnights of Ka 2Unit Member
2007-11-30300ClanKnights of KaUnit Member
2007-09-25300ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2007-09-23280ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2007-09-22240ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2007-09-21230ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2007-09-20180ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2007-09-1090ClanKnights of KaApplicant
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