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Character Database - Crucify

Explicitly "Crucify" Inexplicable
Dimension Rimor Character face
Level 220
AI Level Guardian (28)
Breed Atrox
Gender Neuter
Profession Keeper
Faction Clan
Guild Devil Inside
Rank Member
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2012 Aug 06
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2012-08-0622028ClanDevil InsideMember
2012-04-0122027ClanQuetzalcoatlSquad Commander
2011-10-1122027ClanDevil InsideApplicant
2011-10-0622026ClanDevil InsideApplicant
2011-09-1622026ClanEden of the EastGeneral
2011-09-1122026ClanEden of the EastPresident
2011-09-0622025ClanEden of the EastPresident
2011-08-2122024ClanNever Knows BestPresident
2011-02-2122024ClanNever Knows BestGeneral
2011-02-1622024ClanNever Knows BestPresident
2011-02-0622023ClanNever Knows BestPresident
2010-12-2622023ClanNever Knows BestGeneral
2010-12-0622022ClanNever Knows BestGeneral
2010-12-0122021ClanNever Knows BestGeneral
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