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This "Codeleet" Fixes
Dimension Rimor Character face
Level 150
AI Level Backer (20)
Breed Opifex
Gender Male
Profession Fixer
Faction Clan
Guild Knights of Ka
Rank Squad Commander
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2011 Jan 11
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2011-01-1115020ClanKnights of KaSquad Commander
2010-12-0615019ClanKnights of KaSquad Commander
2010-11-2615018ClanKnights of KaSquad Commander
2010-11-1315017ClanKnights of KaSquad Commander
2010-11-0915016ClanKnights of KaSquad Commander
2010-11-0715015ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2010-09-201257ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-09-171197ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-09-131166ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-09-091076ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-08-271046ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-08-241015ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-08-20971ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-08-17811ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-08-13781ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-08-01771ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-07-13701ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-07-09581ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-07-01551ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-06-27521ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-06-24501ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-06-21500ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-06-13450ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-06-04310ClanKnights of KaApplicant
2010-06-01250ClanKnights of KaApplicant
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