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Character Database - Canidae

Woof "Canidae" Woof
Dimension Rimor Character face
Level 117
AI Level None (0)
Breed Solitus
Gender Female
Profession Adventurer
Faction Omni
Guild Pandoras Box of Bunnies
Rank Applicant
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2012 Aug 06
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2012-08-061170OmniPandoras Box of BunniesApplicant
2012-04-01900OmniNinjaKittensSquad Commander
2011-07-16760OmniNinjaKittensSquad Commander
2011-07-01740OmniNinjaKittensSquad Commander
2010-11-26640OmniNinjaKittensSquad Commander
2010-11-13600OmniNinjaKittensSquad Commander
2010-09-09570OmniPeace $ Love, Inc.Unit Commander
2010-09-04520OmniPeace $ Love, Inc.Unit Commander
2009-09-24240OmniPeace $ Love, Inc.Unit Commander
2009-08-31240OmniPeace $ Love, Inc.Unit Member
2009-08-23230OmniPeace $ Love, Inc.Unit Member
2009-07-27160OmniPeace $ Love, Inc.Unit Member

Character deleted
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2006-10-12640ClanTiger ClawApplicant
2006-02-23640ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2005-12-28620ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2005-01-07540ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-11-2654ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-11-2444ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-09-0340ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-08-2039ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-08-1837ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-08-1736ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-08-0834ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-08-0633ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-08-0523ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-08-0421ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-07-1518ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-07-1212ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
2004-07-1010ClanTiger ClawUnit Member
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