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Character Database - Amanita

"Amanita" Verna
Dimension Rimor Character face
Level 220
AI Level Vindicator (30)
Breed Opifex
Gender Female
Profession Shade
Faction Clan
Guild Knights of Ka
Rank Squad Commander
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2012 Aug 06
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2012-08-0622030ClanKnights of KaSquad Commander
2011-12-1121628ClanKnights of KaSquad Commander
2011-10-1119722ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-10-0619422ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-10-0118821ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-09-2617721ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-09-2117220ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-09-1616820ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-09-1116419ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-09-0616018ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-09-0115517ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-08-2615117ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-08-2114816ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-08-1614715ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-08-1114414ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-08-0614112ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-08-0113711ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-07-2613310ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-07-161297ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-07-111224ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2011-07-011170ClanKnights of KaUnit Commander
2008-12-171070ClanJacks Violent CrewApplicant
2008-12-16830ClanJacks Violent CrewApplicant
2008-12-15810ClanJacks Violent CrewApplicant
2008-12-14800ClanJacks Violent CrewApplicant
2008-12-13790ClanJacks Violent CrewApplicant
2008-10-26700ClanJacks Violent CrewApplicant
2008-03-07700ClanJacks Violent CrewUnit Leader
2008-03-06630ClanJacks Violent CrewUnit Leader
2008-03-03540ClanJacks Violent CrewUnit Leader
2008-03-02470ClanJacks Violent CrewUnit Leader
2008-02-29420ClanJacks Violent CrewUnit Leader
2008-02-28340ClanJacks Violent CrewUnit Leader
2008-02-07180ClanEnvoy Of LuciferUnit Commander
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