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Character Database - Absorbed

Dimension Rimor Character face
Level 220
AI Level Vindicator (30)
Breed Atrox
Gender Neuter
Profession Enforcer
Faction Omni
Guild Dark Front
Rank Member
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2011 Dec 11
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2011-12-1122030OmniDark FrontMember
2011-10-1122026OmniDark FrontApplicant
2011-07-1122025OmniBlack Bands IVApplicant
2011-03-2622025OmniAiiir is backApplicant
2011-01-2122025OmniBlack BandsApplicant
2011-01-0622024OmniBlack BandsApplicant
2010-12-2122024OmniBlack BandsSquad Commander
2010-12-0622023OmniBlack BandsSquad Commander
2010-12-0122022OmniBlack BandsSquad Commander
2010-11-2622021OmniBlack BandsSquad Commander
2010-11-1322020OmniBlack BandsSquad Commander
2009-07-05673OmniConquering DreamsApplicant
2009-06-26673OmniClan DisciplesUnit Leader
2008-12-22673OmniConquered DreamsUnit Leader
2008-07-26673OmniConquering DreamsApplicant
2008-06-17673OmniConquered DreamsApplicant
2008-06-10673OmniI R NOOBIESApplicant
2008-04-13673OmniI R PROApplicant
2008-01-05673OmniConquered DreamsApplicant
2008-01-03663OmniConquered DreamsApplicant
2007-12-30603OmniConquered DreamsApplicant
2007-10-16600OmniConquered DreamsApplicant
2007-09-04600OmniThe Will of DestinyApplicant

Character deleted
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2007-08-19220OmniThe Will of DestinyApplicant
2007-08-18190OmniThe Will of DestinyApplicant
Absorbed in other dimensions Atlantean - Rimor - Die Neue Welt