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Character Database - Varinox

Dimension Atlantean Character face
Level 220
AI Level Champ (26)
Breed Nano
Gender Male
Profession Meta-Physicist
Faction Omni
Guild Riders Of The Lost Org
Rank Unit Leader
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2011 Jun 16 - Last login: 2012 Jul 13
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2011-06-1622026OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Leader
2010-12-2622025OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Leader
2010-12-1122024OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Leader
2010-11-2622023OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Leader
2010-06-2722021OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Leader
2010-04-1222021OmniAnother Rider You Didn't SeeGeneral
2010-03-1722021OmniAnother Rider You Didn't SeeSquad Commander
2009-08-1322020OmniAnother Rider You Didn't SeeSquad Commander
2009-07-2222020OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2009-04-0222019OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2009-03-2722018OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2008-04-1522017OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2008-03-1622016OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2008-03-0121916OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2008-02-2021915OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2008-02-0921815OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-12-1021814OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-11-2821714OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-11-1921614OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-11-0221514OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-10-1621414OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-09-2421114OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-09-1821014OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-09-1520914OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-09-1420814OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-09-1120714OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-09-0820614OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-09-0520514OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-09-0420414OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-08-1619814OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-08-1519714OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-08-1419614OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-07-1219514OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-07-1019414OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgUnit Member
2007-06-3019214OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-06-2319114OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-06-2219014OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-06-2118914OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-06-2018414OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-06-1118114OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-06-0918014OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-06-0817814OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-06-0117514OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-2817214OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-2617213OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-2417113OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-2217013OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-2116913OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-2016513OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-1016013OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-0613813OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-0513413OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-05-0411713OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-02-1611012OmniRiders Of The Lost OrgApplicant
2007-01-1111012OmniAlphastrikeSquad Commander
2006-12-2911011OmniAlphastrikeSquad Commander
2006-12-0810511OmniAlphastrikeSquad Commander
2006-11-2910410OmniAlphastrikeSquad Commander
2006-11-0610310OmniAlphastrikeSquad Commander
2006-11-0410210OmniAlphastrikeSquad Commander
2006-10-2010210OmniCosmic Forklift IncApplicant
2006-09-0810210OmniAlphastrikeUnit Member
2006-09-061029OmniAlphastrikeUnit Member
2006-08-281019OmniAlphastrikeUnit Member
2006-08-081019OmniElite Inc.Squad Commander
2006-06-201009OmniElite Inc.Squad Commander
2006-06-101008OmniElite Inc.Squad Commander
2006-05-301008OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-05-251007OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-05-24985OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-05-23975OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-05-22974OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-05-19952OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-05-18922OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-05-17912OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-05-08900OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-04-24870OmniElite Inc.Unit Member
2006-04-17850OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-03-23750OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-03-22740OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-03-16690OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-03-06680OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-03-05620OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-03-04610OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-02-23590OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-02-13550OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-02-06540OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-02-04530OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-01-23520OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-01-11500OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-01-08490OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-01-07460OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-01-06440OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateUnit Member
2006-01-02430OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-12-06420OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-11-09410OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-11-08400OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-11-07370OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-11-06340OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-11-05280OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-10-29260OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-10-28250OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-10-26210OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-10-25190OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-10-24180OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
2005-10-09130OmniThe Apocalypse SyndicateApplicant
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