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Character Database - Naltoria

Dimension Atlantean Character face
Level 133
AI Level None (0)
Breed Solitus
Gender Female
Profession Soldier
Faction Omni
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2010 Jul 27
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2003-11-15133OmniNomads of Rubi-KaAdvisor
2003-09-08133OmniNomads of Rubi-KaAdvisor
2003-08-31130OmniNomads of Rubi-KaSquad Commander
2003-08-22124OmniNomads of Rubi-KaSquad Commander
2003-08-11122OmniNomads of Rubi-KaSquad Commander
2003-08-01114OmniNomads of Rubi-KaSquad Commander
2003-07-1876OmniNomads of RubiKaUnit Leader
2003-07-1156OmniNomads of RubiKaUnit Leader
2003-07-0443OmniNomads of RubiKaUnit Leader
2003-06-2716OmniNomads of RubiKaApplicant
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