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Character Database - Lylith

Jane "Lylith" Doe
Dimension Atlantean Character face
Level 220
AI Level Vindicator (30)
Breed Opifex
Gender Female
Profession Fixer
Faction Omni
Guild Howl of the Abyss
Rank General
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2010 Dec 21 - Last login: 2012 Nov 01
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2010-12-2122030OmniHowl of the AbyssGeneral
2010-11-2622029OmniHowl of the AbyssGeneral
2010-11-1322028OmniHowl of the AbyssGeneral
2010-05-0922027OmniHowl of the AbyssGeneral
2010-03-0422027OmniHowl of the AbyssSquad Commander

Character deleted
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2003-06-1253OmniBlack SunUnit Member
2003-04-2353OmniBlack Sun TRAUnit Member
2003-04-1553OmniBlack SunUnit Member
2003-03-1753OmniBlack Sun RATFEUnit Member
2003-01-2653ClanThe Centellini FamilyBoard Member
2003-01-1945ClanThe Centellini FamilyBoard Member
2003-01-0445OmniNight Assault LegionApplicant
Lylith in other dimensions Atlantean - Rimor - Die Neue Welt