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Character Database - Frobos

Naj "Frobos" Onspeed
Dimension Atlantean Character face
Level 220
AI Level Vindicator (30)
Breed Opifex
Gender Male
Profession Fixer
Faction Omni
Guild Dragon Security Agency
Rank Applicant
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2012 Aug 06 - Last login: 2012 Dec 20
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2012-08-0622030OmniDragon Security AgencyApplicant
2011-09-1122030OmniDragon Security AgencyMember
2011-08-2622030OmniDragon Security AgencyApplicant
2011-08-0622030OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2011-06-1622029OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2011-05-0122028OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2011-02-0122027OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2011-01-1122026OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2010-12-0622025OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2010-12-0122024OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2010-11-2622024OmniVae VictusApplicant
2010-11-1321423OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2010-11-0921022OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2010-11-0720722OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2010-08-1720721OmniCircle of NotumSquad Commander
2010-07-2420721OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-07-1320720OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-07-0920719OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-06-2120717OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-06-1320716OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-06-0417914OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-06-0117114OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-05-2716712OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-05-2415612OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-05-2015012OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2010-05-1715011OmniCircle of NotumUnit Leader
2010-02-1715011OmniCircle of NotumApplicant
2009-09-2715011OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2009-09-2415010OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2009-08-101459OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2009-08-061418OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2009-08-031378OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2009-07-301348OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2009-07-271328OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2009-07-221258OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2009-07-15736OmniCircle of NotumApplicant
2009-07-13665OmniCircle of NotumApplicant
2009-07-10605OmniCircle of NotumApplicant
2008-01-08605OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2008-01-03604OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2007-11-29602OmniCircle of NotumUnit Commander
2007-09-04602OmniCoNtaminatedUnit Member
2007-08-04602OmniCircle of NotumApplicant
2007-06-15482OmniCircle of NotumApplicant
2006-12-18482OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-12-04442OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-10-16442OmniCircle of NotumApplicant
2006-09-02442Omniold CONUnit Member
2006-08-16442OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-07-21402OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-07-15382OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-07-08332OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-07-06252OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-07-05242OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-07-04232OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-07-03222OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-07-02162OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
2006-07-01131OmniCircle of NotumUnit Member
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