Character Database - Beastmastah

Dimension Atlantean Character face
Level 167
AI Level None (0)
Breed Atrox
Gender Neuter
Profession Adventurer
Faction Clan
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2012 Aug 06 - Last login: 2013 Feb 26
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2010-08-131570ClanTo Be ConfirmedApplicant
2010-02-241570ClanThe Red-Eyed MilitiaApplicant
2010-02-131570ClanThe Red Eyed MilitiaApplicant
2009-11-171570ClanEnlightenmentUnit Commander
2009-11-011570ClanLeet ShadowsUnit Commander
2009-09-091570ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-09-041560ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-08-311550ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-08-061540ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-08-031530ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-07-301440ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-07-271370ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-07-221250ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-06-091170ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-05-051090ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-05-041080ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-04-211020ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-03-011000ClanGhost of WinterUnit Commander
2009-01-201000ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Unit Commander
2009-01-19960ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Unit Commander
2009-01-11900ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Unit Commander
2009-01-10840ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Unit Commander
2009-01-09800ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Unit Commander
2009-01-08560ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Unit Commander
2009-01-07410ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Unit Commander
2009-01-06240ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Unit Commander
2009-01-05170ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Unit Commander
2009-01-0490ClanGhost of Winter (AoF)Applicant
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