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Character Database - Alissa

Dr "Alissa" Seeexy
Dimension Atlantean Character face
Level 220
AI Level Vindicator (30)
Breed Solitus
Gender Female
Profession Doctor
Faction Clan
Guild Very Bad Things
Rank Unit Member
Leveling graph
Last update: 2012 Aug 21 - Last change: 2012 Apr 01 - Last login: 2013 Feb 26
Character history
Date Level AI Faction Guild
2012-04-0122030ClanVery Bad ThingsUnit Member
2011-09-2122030ClanS.I.N.CSquad Commander
2011-09-0621930ClanS.I.N.CSquad Commander
2011-08-1621830ClanS.I.N.CSquad Commander
2011-04-2621829ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-03-1121729ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-03-0121628ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-02-2621627ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-02-2121527ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-02-1121426ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-02-0621425ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-02-0121325ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-01-2621124ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-01-2121024ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-01-1620823ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-01-1120623ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-01-0619722ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2011-01-0119422ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2010-12-2619221ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2010-12-2118920ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2010-12-1618119ClanCouncil of OrderSquad Commander
2010-12-1117718ClanCouncil of OrderUnit Member
2010-12-0617017ClanCouncil of OrderUnit Member
2010-12-0116716ClanCouncil of OrderUnit Member
2010-11-2616014ClanCouncil of OrderUnit Member
2010-09-011509ClanCouncil of OrderUnit Member
2010-07-271508ClanCouncil of OrderUnit Member
2010-06-271506ClanCouncil of OrderUnit Member
2010-06-241426ClanCouncil of OrderUnit Member
2010-06-21905ClanCouncil of OrderApplicant
2010-06-13603ClanCouncil of OrderApplicant
2010-06-04573ClanCouncil of OrderApplicant
2010-05-27523ClanCouncil of OrderApplicant
2010-05-24482ClanCouncil of OrderApplicant
2010-05-20152ClanCouncil of OrderApplicant
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