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Perk Planner

Profession, breed and level
Perk Level
A Alien Technology Expertise (AI) 3
A Ambidextrous 5
A Cartographer 5
A Champion of Heavy Artillery (AI) 10
A Champion of Heavy Infantry (AI) 10
A Champion of Light Artillery (AI) 10
A Champion of Light Infantry (AI) 10
A Champion of Nano Combat (AI) 10
A Combat Knowledge (AI) 8
A Enhance DNA 10
A Enhance Health 7
A Enhance Nano 7
A Explorer 4
A First Aid 4
A Freak Strength 3
A Genius 3
A Kung-Fu Master 5
A Motorist 4
A NCU Extensions 8
A Nanomorph (AI) 10
A Notum Repulsor 8
A Opportunist (AI) 6
A Training Seminar 4
SL Perk Points 8 / 40
AI Perk Points 0 / 30
LE Research 0 / 70
Nano resist20000
Nano and Aiding
Sensory improvement-8000
Biological metamorphosis-8000
Matter metamorphosis-8000
Psychological modifications-8000
Matter creation-8000
Time and space-8000
  • Annihilate Notum Molecules
    Special is more efficient if the target is affected by Notum Overflow.
  • Nano Shakes
    Special only stuns if the target is affected by Big Smash.
  • Strip Nano
    Special requires the target to be affected either by Zap Nano or Blast Nano. Special is less efficient and does not dispel all nanos if target is not affected by Blast Nano
  • Zap Nano
    The effect of this Special is a nanopoints hit and nano debuff
Saved plans If you log in you will be able to save and load your custom perk plans.