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April 01, 2012 10:04 UTC - Happy April Fools' Day! The item database has been updated to 18.4.14!

/ Auno
October 12, 2011 08:24 UTC - 18.4.5 Half a year later, the item database has been updated to version 18.4.5.

/ Auno
May 05, 2011 09:13 UTC - 18.3.1 DB was finally updated to version 18.3.1 a few days ago, I'll update to 18.4 "soon".

/ Auno
August 18, 2009 10:21 UTC - 18.1.3 DB has been updated to 18.1.3 and all the items should be available on equipment configurator too. Including Xan symbiants. The new equipment configurator also allows you to specify a custom item if I don't seem to update often enough. Xan symbiants (and spirits!) are also available in the symbiant listing tool, click!

Cheers, Auno
March 04, 2009 08:17 UTC - 18.0 Hello,
I updated the item database to version 18.0 a few days ago. Equipment config will also be updated soon to the new version.

P.S. I also found the source code for my ADBD database dumper, it's now available at
December 04, 2008 15:03 UTC - 17.10.3 Hello,

17.10.3 was updated in item database already a while ago, but I've now also updated it in equip config and added a XML dump of the items to the Developers section.

++ Auno
November 11, 2004 08:51 UTC - Firefox 1.0 released Get Firefox - Rediscover the web Hellou,

Since there's been nothing of interest happening in AO lately I decided to post news about something else to make this site look less dead ;). And the news is, Firefox 1.0 has been released! Around 88% of visitors still use Internet Explorer.. but you really should switch to Firefox, reasons for that are numerous, see the Firefox web page for details.


Update! (Dec/13): If you are running Firefox you can add as a search engine for it (along with Google and the others that are available by default). To install the - search plugin, click here.
September 01, 2004 11:19 UTC - Alien Invasion - Version 15.6.1 Alien Probe Hello!

I've just patched the website to the current Alien Invasion version, patch 15.6.1. There's quite a few new and updated items ;) I also updated the layout a little, it has some bugs and has only been tested with Mozilla Firefox so you might run into some bugs with Internet Explorer. I'll try to resolve these issues as soon as I can.

Update: The server is peaking at 1600 concurrent connections at the moment.. I set up another database server to handle some of the traffic and the response times should be at 5 seconds or less now. Oh, and thanks for all the donations I've received so far, maybe they'll allow me to replace some of the aging hardware on the primary box :D

Update: The XML dumps of 15.6.1 are now available.

Update: The servers opened some hours ago and the load on the webserver has eased a little, so everything is running on the main server again. Also I would like to note that the version I patched was indeed the 'real' 15.6.1, not a patch from the beta servers.