18.8.55 | Live servers: 18.8.57

Perk Planner

Profession, breed and level
Perk Level
B Atrox Primary Genome (AI) 6
B Atrox Secondary Genome (AI) 6
P Acquisition (LE) 2
P Cunning (LE) 2
P Dark Kin (AI) 5
P Defensive Stance 1
P Fallback Plan (LE) 2
P Grid NCU Extension 1
P Insurance (LE) 2
P Respectable Businessman (LE) 2
P Smuggler's Sense (LE) 2
P Subtlety (LE) 2
P Thief 2
P Worm ICE 1
G Acrobat 2
G Illogical Patterns (AI) 8
G Mountaineer 1
G Power Up 2
G SMG Mastery 3
G The Unknown Factor (AI) 8
A Alien Technology Expertise (AI) 1
A Ambidextrous 2
A Cartographer 3
A Champion of Heavy Artillery (AI) 4
A Champion of Heavy Infantry (AI) 4
A Champion of Light Artillery (AI) 4
A Champion of Light Infantry (AI) 4
A Champion of Nano Combat (AI) 4
A Combat Knowledge (AI) 4
A Enhance DNA 3
A Enhance Health 2
A Enhance Nano 2
A Explorer 2
A First Aid 1
A Genius 1
A Kung-Fu Master 1
A Motorist 1
A NCU Extensions 1
A Nanomorph (AI) 5
A Notum Repulsor 2
A Opportunist (AI) 3
A Training Seminar 2
SL Perk Points 6 / 6
AI Perk Points 5 / 6
LE Research 0 / 70
NCU memory10
Offense modifier1
Defense modifier20
Multi melee10
Multi ranged10
Duck explosives59
Dodge ranged59
Evade close59
Trade and Repair
Computer literacy15
Critical decrease2
  • Evasive Stance
    The effect of this Special is a moderate duration self-only dmsmodifier buff
  • Limber
    Type of effect, self only evade buff
  • NCU Booster
    The effect of this Special is a NCU increase depending on how many perks the character has trained in this line
  • Power Bolt
    The effect of this special is a direct damage attack. The attack will be more powerful the higher SMG skill you have.
  • Reinforce Slugs
    The effect of this Special is a self damage increase
Saved plans If you log in you will be able to save and load your custom perk plans.