18.8.55 | Live servers: 18.8.58

Perk Planner

Profession, breed and level
Perk Level
B Opifex Primary Genome (AI) 8
B Opifex Secondary Genome (AI) 8
P Accumulator 7
P Aggressive Pricing (LE) 5
P Distill Life 5
P Door-To-Door Salesman (LE) 5
P Eye for a Deal (LE) 5
P Fast Talk (LE) 5
P Hostile Takeover (LE) 5
P Sensible Investment (LE) 5
P Sensitive Negotiations (LE) 5
P Volunteer (AI) 7
G Alchemist 5
G Illogical Patterns (AI) 8
G Nano Doctorate 3
G Power Up 5
G Shotgun Mastery 6
G The Unknown Factor (AI) 8
G Tinkerer 2
A Alien Technology Expertise (AI) 2
A Ambidextrous 4
A Cartographer 5
A Champion of Heavy Artillery (AI) 8
A Champion of Heavy Infantry (AI) 8
A Champion of Light Artillery (AI) 8
A Champion of Light Infantry (AI) 8
A Champion of Nano Combat (AI) 8
A Combat Knowledge (AI) 7
A Enhance DNA 7
A Enhance Health 5
A Enhance Nano 5
A Explorer 4
A First Aid 3
A Freak Strength 1
A Genius 2
A Kung-Fu Master 2
A Motorist 4
A NCU Extensions 3
A Nanomorph (AI) 9
A Notum Repulsor 5
A Opportunist (AI) 6
A Training Seminar 3
SL Perk Points 14 / 14
AI Perk Points 7 / 18
LE Research 0 / 70
Nano pool60
Max health135
Max nano425
Melee damage modifier16
Poison damage modifier16
Fire damage modifier16
Nano damage modifier16
Cold damage modifier16
Projectile damage modifier16
Energy damage modifier16
Chemical damage modifier16
Radiation damage modifier16
Heal delta7
Nano delta7
  • Collapser
    The effect of this special is a direct damage attack. It will grow more effective when you train more perks in the Champion of Light Artillery Perkline. It will be even more efficient if the target has Crave running.
  • Leg Shot
    It will be more efficient if target is already running Bloodletting
  • Regain Nano
    The effect of this Special is a nano heal
Saved plans If you log in you will be able to save and load your custom perk plans.