18.8.55 | Live servers: 18.8.58

Perk Planner

Profession, breed and level
Perk Level
B Solitus Alpha Genome (AI) 8
B Solitus Beta Genome (AI) 8
P Anger Management (LE) 10
P Blunt Mastery 9
P Bone Crusher 9
P Brawlers Sense (LE) 10
P Brutality (LE) 10
P Endurance (LE) 10
P Flexibility (LE) 10
P Form of Troll 7
P Hard Labor (LE) 10
P Kneecapping (LE) 10
P Manners of Mongo 6
P Mutate (AI) 8
G Bio Shielding 10
G Brawler 5
G Colossal Health 8
G Counterweight (AI) 6
G Edged Mastery 8
G Mountaineer 3
G Reaver 8
A Alien Technology Expertise (AI) 3
A Ambidextrous 5
A Cartographer 5
A Champion of Heavy Artillery (AI) 9
A Champion of Heavy Infantry (AI) 9
A Champion of Light Artillery (AI) 9
A Champion of Light Infantry (AI) 9
A Champion of Nano Combat (AI) 9
A Combat Knowledge (AI) 8
A Enhance DNA 10
A Enhance Health 7
A Enhance Nano 7
A Explorer 4
A First Aid 4
A Freak Strength 2
A Genius 3
A Kung-Fu Master 4
A Motorist 4
A NCU Extensions 6
A Nanomorph (AI) 10
A Notum Repulsor 6
A Opportunist (AI) 6
A Training Seminar 4
SL Perk Points 20 / 21
AI Perk Points 9 / 30
LE Research 11 / 70
Projectile AC890
Melee AC890
Energy AC890
Chemical AC890
Radiation AC890
Cold AC890
Poison AC890
Fire AC890
Max health3147
Nano pool60
Body development20
NCU memory4
Nano cost modifier-5
2h Edged0
2h Blunt0
1h Blunt40
1h Edged40
Melee init23
Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis0
Biological metamorphosis0
Psychological modifications0
Reflect melee damage3
Reflect poison damage3
Reflect fire damage3
Reflect nano damage3
Reflect cold damage3
Reflect projectile damage3
Reflect energy damage3
Reflect chemical damage3
Reflect radiation damage3
Shield projectile damage80
Shield melee damage80
Shield energy damage80
Shield chemical damage80
Shield radiation damage80
Shield cold damage80
Shield nano damage80
Shield fire damage80
Shield poison damage80
Heal delta27
  • Air of Hatred
    In combat you will occasionally inspire hatred for all enemies around you, while also raising a minor heal over time. Only one type 1 action can be selected at a time
  • Arouse Anger
    The effect of this special is a taunt and direct damage attack.
  • Bio Cocoon
    The effect of this Special is a self absorb shield
  • Bio Regrowth
    The effect of this Special is a heal over time
  • Bio Rejuvenation
    The effect of this Special is a area heal
  • Bio Shield
    The effect of this Special is a self damage shield
  • Cause of Anger
    The effect of this special is a target direct damage attack. It will also do a taunt if you recently have used the Arrouse Anger on the same target.
  • Disable Natural Healing
    The effect of this Special is a 1000 point heal and nano heal interval debuff
  • Regain Nano
    The effect of this Special is a nano heal
  • Stone Fist
    The effect of this Special is a powerful stun
  • Troll Form
    The effect of this Special is a self snare and a massive self AC buff and a self absorb AC buff
Saved plans If you log in you will be able to save and load your custom perk plans.