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Character overview
Yakohealer: L217/15 Nano Doctor on Atlantean
The Key to Shere's SanctuaryNano Controller UnitResearch Attunement Device - Health Level Three
Tertium QuidDoctor NanodeckCommunications Relay
 Belt Component Platform 6K-XSuperior Sapphistic Bow
Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUYuttos Modified NCUViral Memory Storage Unit
Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory UnitHardcore CPU UpgradeInfused Viral Compiler
Smuggled Nanite Merit Board BaseSpecial Edition Ofab Doctor HelmetOFAB Doctor Protective Gear
Sworn Knight's PauldronEnhanced Dustbrigade Spirit-tech ChestpieceSworn Knight's Pauldron
De'Valos SleevesEnhanced Dustbrigade Notum GlovesDe'Valos Sleeves
Bracelet of Arul Saba (Jagged Landscape - 5/5 - Right)Enhanced Dustbrigade CoveringBracelet of Arul Saba (Jagged Landscape - 5/5 - Left)
Sheffy's Micro CoilEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible BootsHold Hell at Bay
Growing Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit AbanLiving Brain Symbiant, Support Unit AbanEar Implant: Perception, Shiny
Right-Arm Implant: Bow, Refined Shiny JobeEffective Chest Symbiant, Support Unit AbanLiving Left Arm Symbiant, Support Unit Aban
Persisting Right Wrist Symbiant, Support Unit AbanPersisting Waist Symbiant, Support Unit AbanPersisting Left Wrist Symbiant, Support Unit Aban
Vigorous Right Hand Symbiant, Support Unit AbanLeg Implant: Agility, Shiny JobeLiving Left Hand Symbiant, Support Unit Aban
 Effective Feet Symbiant, Support Unit Aban 
Perk actions
Anatomic Blight Anesthetic Astringent Battlegroup Heal 1
Battlegroup Heal 2 Battlegroup Heal 3 Battlegroup Heal 4 Blood Transfusion
Bot Confinement Cure 1 Cure 2 Enhanced Heal
Hale and Hearty Healing Care Inflammation Malicious Prohibition
Muscle Memory Nano Feast Pathogen Regain Nano
Restrictive Bandaging Skill Drain Removal Team Hale and Hearty Team Heal
Tick Treatment Transfer Vaccinate 1 Vaccinate 2
Viral Combination
Projectile AC8892
Melee AC9292
Energy AC9032
Chemical AC9062
Radiation AC9077
Cold AC9408
Poison AC8876
Fire AC9198

Body development50
Nano pool315
Max health5591
Max nano3679

Belt decks6
NCU memory518
Nano cost modifier-48
Experience modifier4
Weapon range12
Nano range23
Critical chance1
Offense modifier70
Defense modifier313

Martial arts166

Ranged energy25
Fling shot30
Multi ranged10
Heavy weapons25

Melee init25
Ranged init15
Physical init204
Nano init1189
Evade close10
Run speed328
Nano resist998

Trade and Repair
Electrical engineering64
Quantum physics106
Computer literacy214

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis734
Biological metamorphosis761
Psychological modifications562
Matter creation652
Time and space632
Sensory improvement611
First aid348

Breaking and entry64
Trap disarming43

Map navigation101
Vehicle ground61

Projectile damage modifier245
Melee damage modifier15
Energy damage modifier15
Chemical damage modifier15
Radiation damage modifier15
Cold damage modifier15
Fire damage modifier15
Poison damage modifier15

Reflect projectile damage2
Maximum projectile reflect20

Shield projectile damage17
Shield energy damage17
Shield radiation damage17
Shield fire damage17

Heal delta112
Nano delta147
Skill lock modifier-5
Nano interrupt chance13
Critical decrease5
Heal modifier29
Nano attack damage modifier2

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1The Key to Shere's Sanctuary (QL1)
Hud 2Nano Controller Unit (QL143)
Hud 3Research Attunement Device - Health Level Three (QL100)
Utils 1Tertium Quid (QL1)
Utils 2Doctor Nanodeck (QL1)
Utils 3Communications Relay (QL230)
Right hand(empty)
BeltBelt Component Platform 6K-X (QL199)
Left handSuperior Sapphistic Bow (QL181)
Deck 1Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL300)
Deck 2Yuttos Modified NCU (QL223)
Deck 3Viral Memory Storage Unit (QL300)
Deck 4Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit (QL200)
Deck 5Hardcore CPU Upgrade (QL200)
Deck 6Infused Viral Compiler (QL300)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckSmuggled Nanite Merit Board Base (QL1)
HeadSpecial Edition Ofab Doctor Helmet (QL300)
BackOFAB Doctor Protective Gear (QL300)
Right shoulderSworn Knight's Pauldron (QL200)
BodyEnhanced Dustbrigade Spirit-tech Chestpiece (QL200)
Left shoulderSworn Knight's Pauldron (QL200)
Right armDe'Valos Sleeves (QL200)
HandsEnhanced Dustbrigade Notum Gloves (QL200)
Left armDe'Valos Sleeves (QL200)
Right wristBracelet of Arul Saba (Jagged Landscape - 5/5 - Right) (QL200)
LegsEnhanced Dustbrigade Covering (QL200)
Left wristBracelet of Arul Saba (Jagged Landscape - 5/5 - Left) (QL200)
Right fingerSheffy's Micro Coil (QL250)
FeetEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible Boots (QL200)
Left fingerHold Hell at Bay (QL1)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeGrowing Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL200)
HeadLiving Brain Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL210)
EarEar Implant: Perception, Shiny (QL200)
Right armRight-Arm Implant: Bow, Shiny Jobe (QL275)
BodyEffective Chest Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL240)
Left armLiving Left Arm Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL210)
Right wristPersisting Right Wrist Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL220)
WaistPersisting Waist Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL220)
Left wristPersisting Left Wrist Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL220)
Right handVigorous Right Hand Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL230)
LegsLeg Implant: Agility, Shiny Jobe (QL200)
Left handLiving Left Hand Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL210)
FeetEffective Feet Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL240)

Perks (EDIT)
ToxicologyLevel 7
Underground DoctorLevel 7
Specialist HealerLevel 10
Nano SurgeonLevel 6
Nano DoctorateLevel 9
NanomorphLevel 5
InternshipLevel 7
GeniusLevel 2
DiagnosisLevel 7
Champion of Nano CombatLevel 10
Bedside MannerLevel 7
Assault Force MedicLevel 10
Aggressive SurgeryLevel 7
RehabilitationLevel 7
Character (EDIT)
Name Yakohealer
Dimension Atlantean
Level 217/15
Breed Nano
Profession Doctor

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