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Character overview
Gravyma: L60/6 Opifex Martial Artist on Rimor
Adrenaline FactoryEnel Gil's Earring of AttentionResearch Attunement Device - Defense Level One
Captain Enno's Pirate Parrot of Impending DoomBiomaterial Defensive ShieldClose Combat Fighter's Manual of Focus
 Belt Component Platform 6K-X 
32 - 63 NCU Memory32 - 63 NCU Memory32 - 63 NCU Memory
32 - 63 NCU Memory32 - 63 NCU MemoryViral Compiler
Omni-Tek Award - Triple Ribbons of BattlePredator's CircletGamboling Master's Wear
Barrow StrengthPredator Armor VestWithered Flesh
Predator ArmbandPredator Armor GlovesPredator Armband
Bracelet of Arul Saba (Empty Desert - 1/1 - Right)Predator Armor PantsBracelet of Arul Saba (Empty Desert - 1/1 - Left)
Ring of Luck - DefensivePredator Armor BootsWondrous Silver Ring of Ocra Lux
Eye Implant: Vehicle Air, ShinyHead Implant: Bio.Metamor, ShinyEar Implant: Perception, Shiny
Right-Arm Implant: Strength, Shiny JobeChest Implant: Sense, ShinyLeft-Arm Implant: % Add All Def., Shiny Jobe
Right-Wrist Implant: Sharp Obj, ShinyWaist Implant: Chemical AC, ShinyLeft-Wrist Implant: Riposte, Bright
Right-Hand Implant: Martial Arts, ShinyLeg Implant: Agility, ShinyLeft-Hand Implant: Fast Attack, Shiny
 Feet Implant: Evade-ClsC, Shiny Jobe 
Perk actions
Attack Ligaments Dragonfire Evasive Stance Limber
Medicinal Remedy Red Dawn Stinging Fist
Projectile AC3040
Melee AC3080
Energy AC1840
Chemical AC3445
Radiation AC1840
Cold AC3040
Poison AC3040
Fire AC3283

Body development175
Nano pool175
Max health801
Max nano150

Belt decks6
NCU memory213
Nano cost modifier-1
Experience modifier2
Critical chance1
Offense modifier8
Defense modifier178

Martial arts192
1h Blunt5
1h Edged5
Fast attack88
Multi melee10

Fling shot37
Multi ranged10
Sharp objects159

Melee init70
Ranged init70
Physical init54
Nano init343
Duck explosives98
Dodge ranged181
Evade close305
Run speed27
Nano resist152

Nano and Aiding
Biological metamorphosis92
Psychological modifications34
Sensory improvement94


Vehicle air70

Projectile damage modifier20
Melee damage modifier28
Energy damage modifier20
Chemical damage modifier20
Radiation damage modifier20
Cold damage modifier20
Fire damage modifier42
Poison damage modifier20

Skill lock modifier-2
Critical decrease2
Experience regain percentage1

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1Adrenaline Factory (QL71)
Hud 2Enel Gil's Earring of Attention (QL50)
Hud 3Research Attunement Device - Defense Level One (QL100)
Utils 1Captain Enno's Pirate Parrot of Impending Doom (QL1)
Utils 2Biomaterial Defensive Shield (QL50)
Utils 3Close Combat Fighter's Manual of Focus (QL100)
Right hand(empty)
BeltBelt Component Platform 6K-X (QL200)
Left hand(empty)
Deck 164 NCU Memory (QL148)
Deck 264 NCU Memory (QL148)
Deck 364 NCU Memory (QL148)
Deck 464 NCU Memory (QL140)
Deck 564 NCU Memory (QL140)
Deck 6Viral Compiler (QL148)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckOmni-Tek Award - Triple Ribbons of Battle (QL4)
HeadPredator's Circlet (QL100)
BackGamboling Master's Wear (QL100)
Right shoulderBarrow Strength (QL1)
BodyPredator Armor Vest (QL100)
Left shoulderWithered Flesh (QL1)
Right armPredator Armband (QL100)
HandsPredator Armor Gloves (QL100)
Left armPredator Armband (QL100)
Right wristBracelet of Arul Saba (Empty Desert - 1/1 - Right) (QL80)
LegsPredator Armor Pants (QL100)
Left wristBracelet of Arul Saba (Empty Desert - 1/1 - Left) (QL80)
Right fingerRing of Luck - Defensive (QL91)
FeetPredator Armor Boots (QL100)
Left fingerWondrous Silver Ring of Ocra Lux (QL100)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeEye Implant: Vehicle Air, Shiny (QL130)
HeadHead Implant: Bio.Metamor, Shiny (QL143)
EarEar Implant: Perception, Shiny (QL160)
Right armRight-Arm Implant: Strength, Shiny Jobe (QL100)
BodyChest Implant: Sense, Shiny (QL160)
Left armLeft-Arm Implant: % Add All Def., Shiny Jobe (QL100)
Right wristRight-Wrist Implant: Sharp Obj, Shiny (QL160)
WaistWaist Implant: Chemical AC, Shiny (QL160)
Left wristLeft-Wrist Implant: Riposte, Bright (QL160)
Right handRight-Hand Implant: Martial Arts, Shiny (QL143)
LegsLeg Implant: Agility, Shiny (QL150)
Left handLeft-Hand Implant: Fast Attack, Shiny (QL160)
FeetFeet Implant: Evade-ClsC, Shiny Jobe (QL100)

Perks (EDIT)
XuyunLevel 5
ReflexLevel 2
Spiritual MasterLevel 2
NimbleLevel 2
IntuitionLevel 2
MeditationLevel 2
Careful in BattleLevel 1
Champion of Light InfantryLevel 1
AlacrityLevel 2
BrawlerLevel 1
AcrobatLevel 2
EmpathyLevel 2
CognizanceLevel 2
Character (EDIT)
Name Gravyma
Dimension Rimor
Level 60/6
Breed Opifex
Profession Martial Artist

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