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Character overview
Chmoshnica: L220/26 Nano Meta-Physicist on Atlantean
Alien Combat Directive ControllerDreadloch Sniper's FriendViral Targeting Subunit
Masterpiece Ancient Manual Aiming AidImproved Ancient Manual Aiming AidStellar Meta-Physicist Nanodeck
 Xan's Viral Belt Component PlatformChaos of the Xan
Cancer's Time-Saving MemoryIntuitive Memory of the AquariusInfused Computer Deck Range Increaser
Capricorn's Reliable MemoryInfused Hardcore CPU UpgradeInfused Viral Compiler
Omni-Tek Award - Xan Defense ExemplarSpecial Edition Ofab Metaphysicist HeadgearOFAB Meta-Physicist Protective Gear
Superior Icy Shoulderpads of BrawnPenultimate Ofab Metaphysicist Body ArmorChosen Metaphysicist Shoulder Cover
Enhanced Kegern's Molybdenum Plate SleevesEnhanced Kegern's Molybdenum Plate GlovesDe'Valos Sleeves
Perfected Infused Dust Brigade BracerPenultimate Ofab Metaphysicist PantsBracelet of Arul Saba (Silent Killer - 5/5 - Left)
Pure Novictum Ring for the Support UnitEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible BootsXtremTech's Ring of Casting
Excited Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit AbanVigorous Brain Symbiant, Extermination Unit AbanEffective Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Aban
Right-Arm Implant: Bow, Shiny JobeEffective Chest Symbiant, Control Unit AbanEffective Left Arm Symbiant, Support Unit Aban
Persisting Right Wrist Symbiant, Control Unit AbanPersisting Waist Symbiant, Control Unit AbanPersisting Left Wrist Symbiant, Extermination Unit Aban
Persisting Right Hand Symbiant, Extermination Unit AbanVigorous Thigh Symbiant, Support Unit AbanExcited Left Hand Symbiant, Control Unit Aban
 Persisting Feet Symbiant, Extermination Unit Aban 
Perk actions
Anticipated Evasion Channel Rage Chaotic Assumption Clearshot
Collapser Diffuse Rage Economic Nanobot Use Ego Strike
Heal Hostile Takeover Mind Wail Nano Feast
Popshot Regain Focus Regain Nano Shutdown Removal
Skill Drain Removal Sow Despair Sow Doubt Spirit of Blessing
Spirit of Purity Suppress Fury Thoughtful Means
Projectile AC8920
Melee AC8725
Energy AC8440
Chemical AC8705
Radiation AC8554
Cold AC8063
Poison AC8509
Fire AC8464

Body development76
Nano pool364
Max health9735
Max nano7489

Belt decks6
NCU memory831
Nano cost modifier-51
Experience modifier23
Weapon range29
Nano range176
Critical chance23
Offense modifier239
Defense modifier856

Martial arts10
1h Blunt115
2h Blunt115
Fast attack10
Sneak attack10
Multi melee51

Fling shot45
Aimed shot238
Bow special attack238
Multi ranged26

Melee init-345
Ranged init35
Physical init-166
Nano init1250
Duck explosives122
Dodge ranged162
Evade close206
Run speed538
Nano resist596

Trade and Repair
Electrical engineering12
Quantum physics141
Nano programming656
Computer literacy564

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis509
Biological metamorphosis487
Psychological modifications566
Matter creation550
Time and space592
Sensory improvement486
First aid228

Breaking and entry73
Trap disarming76

Map navigation126
Vehicle air10
Vehicle ground76

Projectile damage modifier159
Melee damage modifier150
Energy damage modifier150
Chemical damage modifier160
Radiation damage modifier150
Cold damage modifier150
Fire damage modifier150
Poison damage modifier275

Reflect poison damage1
Maximum poison reflect10

Shield projectile damage25
Shield energy damage8
Shield radiation damage8
Shield fire damage8

Heal delta91
Nano delta97
Skill lock modifier-21
Nano interrupt chance27
Critical decrease6
Heal modifier8
Nano attack damage modifier15

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1Alien Combat Directive Controller (QL300)
Hud 2Dreadloch Sniper's Friend (QL250)
Hud 3Viral Targeting Subunit (QL281)
Utils 1Masterpiece Ancient Manual Aiming Aid (QL250)
Utils 2Improved Ancient Manual Aiming Aid (QL250)
Utils 3Stellar Meta-Physicist Nanodeck (QL1)
Right hand(empty)
BeltXan's Viral Belt Component Platform (QL300)
Left handChaos of the Xan (QL300)
Deck 1Cancer's Time-Saving Memory (QL250)
Deck 2Intuitive Memory of the Aquarius (QL250)
Deck 3Infused Computer Deck Range Increaser (QL250)
Deck 4Capricorn's Reliable Memory (QL250)
Deck 5Infused Hardcore CPU Upgrade (QL250)
Deck 6Infused Viral Compiler (QL300)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckOmni-Tek Award - Xan Defense Exemplar (QL1)
HeadSpecial Edition Ofab Metaphysicist Headgear (QL200)
BackOFAB Meta-Physicist Protective Gear (QL300)
Right shoulderSuperior Icy Shoulderpads of Brawn (QL1)
BodyPenultimate Ofab Metaphysicist Body Armor (QL300)
Left shoulderChosen Metaphysicist Shoulder Cover (QL300)
Right armEnhanced Kegern's Molybdenum Plate Sleeves (QL250)
HandsEnhanced Kegern's Molybdenum Plate Gloves (QL250)
Left armDe'Valos Sleeves (QL200)
Right wristPerfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer (QL250)
LegsPenultimate Ofab Metaphysicist Pants (QL300)
Left wristBracelet of Arul Saba (Silent Killer - 5/5 - Left) (QL200)
Right fingerPure Novictum Ring for the Support Unit (QL1)
FeetEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible Boots (QL200)
Left fingerXtremTech's Ring of Casting (QL1)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeExcited Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL250)
HeadVigorous Brain Symbiant, Extermination Unit Aban (QL230)
EarEffective Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL240)
Right armRight-Arm Implant: Bow, Shiny Jobe (QL200)
BodyEffective Chest Symbiant, Control Unit Aban (QL240)
Left armEffective Left Arm Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL240)
Right wristPersisting Right Wrist Symbiant, Control Unit Aban (QL220)
WaistPersisting Waist Symbiant, Control Unit Aban (QL220)
Left wristPersisting Left Wrist Symbiant, Extermination Unit Aban (QL220)
Right handPersisting Right Hand Symbiant, Extermination Unit Aban (QL220)
LegsVigorous Thigh Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL230)
Left handExcited Left Hand Symbiant, Control Unit Aban (QL250)
FeetPersisting Feet Symbiant, Extermination Unit Aban (QL220)

Perks (EDIT)
The Unknown FactorLevel 8
Soothing SpiritsLevel 10
Spatial AwarenessLevel 7
TraumaLevel 10
RangerLevel 6
SympathyLevel 7
PerseverencesLevel 9
Nano DoctorateLevel 10
JealousyLevel 10
ForesightLevel 8
First AidLevel 4
GeniusLevel 3
Enhance DNALevel 3
Champion of Nano CombatLevel 5
Channel RageLevel 10
Alien Technology ExpertiseLevel 2
AngstLevel 9
Champion of Light ArtilleryLevel 9
Character (EDIT)
Name Chmoshnica
Dimension Atlantean
Level 220/26
Breed Nano
Profession Meta-Physicist

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