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Character overview
Visvitae: L220/30 Opifex Doctor on Atlantean
The Key to Lord Mordeth's SanctuaryNano Controller UnitResearch Attunement Device - Health Level Three
Ancient DefenderInfused Ancient DefenderStellar Doctor Nanodeck
Doctor's Right Hand of HopeXan's Viral Belt Component PlatformDoctor's Left Hand of Grace
Protected Safeguarded NCU Memory UnitVirgo's Practical Spirit HelperComputer Deck Range Increaser
Well Balanced Spirit Helper of LibraSagittarius's Hearty Spirit HelperInfused Viral Compiler
Omni-Tek Award - Xan Defense ExemplarSpecial Edition Ofab Doctor HelmetCloak of the Reanimated Healer (5/5)
Superior Icy Shoulderpads of the Powerful MindPenultimate Ofab Doctor BodyChosen Doctor Shoulderpad
Penultimate Ofab Doctor SleevesPenultimate Ofab Doctor GlovesPenultimate Ofab Doctor Sleeves
Perfected Infused Dust Brigade BracerEnhanced Kegern's Molybdenum Plate PantsMasterpiece Ancient Bracer
Sheffy's Micro CoilEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible BootsHealer's Signet of The Apocalypse
Xan Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit AlphaXan Brain Symbiant, Support Unit AlphaXan Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha
Xan Right Arm Symbiant, Support Unit AlphaXan Chest Symbiant, Support Unit AlphaXan Left Arm Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha
Xan Right Wrist Symbiant, Support Unit AlphaXan Waist Symbiant, Support Unit AlphaXan Left Wrist Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha
Xan Right Hand Symbiant, Support Unit AlphaXan Thigh Symbiant, Support Unit AlphaXan Left Hand Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha
 Xan Feet Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha 
Perk actions
Anatomic Blight Anesthetic Antiseptic Astringent
Battlegroup Heal 1 Battlegroup Heal 2 Battlegroup Heal 3 Battlegroup Heal 4
Blood Transfusion Bot Confinement Close Call Collapser
Cure 1 Cure 2 Dangerous Culture Deadeye
Double Shot Enhanced Heal Hale and Hearty Healing Care
Implode Inflammation Malicious Prohibition Massive Vitae Plan
Mistreatment Muscular Malaise Nano Feast Nano Transmission
Pathogen Quick Shot Regain Nano Restrictive Bandaging
Team Hale and Hearty Team Heal Treatment Transfer Vaccinate 1
Vaccinate 2 Viral Combination
Projectile AC7480
Melee AC7480
Energy AC7130
Chemical AC7530
Radiation AC7140
Cold AC7090
Poison AC6853
Fire AC7730

Body development120
Nano pool434
Max health11220
Max nano8920

Belt decks6
NCU memory659
Nano cost modifier-34
Experience modifier23
Weapon range30
Nano range197
Offense modifier198
Defense modifier681

Martial arts419
1h Blunt30
Multi melee13

Ranged energy115
Fling shot331
Multi ranged312
Heavy weapons75

Melee init64
Ranged init211
Physical init378
Nano init1509
Duck explosives170
Dodge ranged230
Evade close170
Run speed839
Nano resist1159

Trade and Repair
Electrical engineering87
Quantum physics144
Nano programming250
Computer literacy551

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis738
Biological metamorphosis718
Psychological modifications613
Matter creation610
Time and space588
Sensory improvement553
First aid616

Breaking and entry289
Trap disarming289

Map navigation289
Vehicle air289
Vehicle ground289
Vehicle water289

Projectile damage modifier180
Melee damage modifier180
Energy damage modifier180
Chemical damage modifier180
Radiation damage modifier180
Cold damage modifier180
Fire damage modifier180
Poison damage modifier180

Shield projectile damage9
Shield energy damage9
Shield radiation damage9
Shield fire damage9

Heal delta145
Nano delta233
Skill lock modifier-21
Nano interrupt chance32
Critical decrease5
Heal modifier46
Nano attack damage modifier1

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1The Key to Lord Mordeth's Sanctuary (QL1)
Hud 2Nano Controller Unit (QL300)
Hud 3Research Attunement Device - Health Level Three (QL100)
Utils 1Ancient Defender (QL250)
Utils 2Infused Ancient Defender (QL250)
Utils 3Stellar Doctor Nanodeck (QL1)
Right handDoctor's Right Hand of Hope (QL300)
BeltXan's Viral Belt Component Platform (QL300)
Left handDoctor's Left Hand of Grace (QL300)
Deck 1Protected Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit (QL200)
Deck 2Virgo's Practical Spirit Helper (QL250)
Deck 3Computer Deck Range Increaser (QL200)
Deck 4Well Balanced Spirit Helper of Libra (QL250)
Deck 5Sagittarius's Hearty Spirit Helper (QL250)
Deck 6Infused Viral Compiler (QL300)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckOmni-Tek Award - Xan Defense Exemplar (QL1)
HeadSpecial Edition Ofab Doctor Helmet (QL1)
BackCloak of the Reanimated Healer (5/5) (QL100)
Right shoulderSuperior Icy Shoulderpads of the Powerful Mind (QL1)
BodyPenultimate Ofab Doctor Body (QL300)
Left shoulderChosen Doctor Shoulderpad (QL300)
Right armPenultimate Ofab Doctor Sleeves (QL300)
HandsPenultimate Ofab Doctor Gloves (QL300)
Left armPenultimate Ofab Doctor Sleeves (QL300)
Right wristPerfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer (QL250)
LegsEnhanced Kegern's Molybdenum Plate Pants (QL250)
Left wristMasterpiece Ancient Bracer (QL250)
Right fingerSheffy's Micro Coil (QL300)
FeetEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible Boots (QL200)
Left fingerHealer's Signet of The Apocalypse (QL1)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeXan Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
HeadXan Brain Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
EarXan Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
Right armXan Right Arm Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
BodyXan Chest Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
Left armXan Left Arm Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
Right wristXan Right Wrist Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
WaistXan Waist Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
Left wristXan Left Wrist Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
Right handXan Right Hand Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
LegsXan Thigh Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
Left handXan Left Hand Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
FeetXan Feet Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)

Perks (EDIT)
Underground DoctorLevel 10
ToxicologyLevel 10
RehabilitationLevel 10
Specialist HealerLevel 10
Pistol MasteryLevel 10
Nano DoctorateLevel 1
Nano SurgeonLevel 6
InternshipLevel 10
GeniusLevel 3
EmbraceLevel 10
DiagnosisLevel 10
Champion of Nano CombatLevel 10
Bedside MannerLevel 10
Assault Force MedicLevel 10
Aggressive SurgeryLevel 10
Champion of Light ArtilleryLevel 10
Character (EDIT)
Name Visvitae
Dimension Atlantean
Level 220/30
Breed Opifex
Profession Doctor

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