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Character overview
Amazinghorse: L170/24 Atrox Agent on Rimor
Alien Augmentation Device - CombatAlien Augmentation Device - DefensiveTargeting Scope - Vision Enhancer
Alien BeaconAlien Reflex ModifierCommunications Relay
MTI SL70 RX Razorback GargantuaBelt Component Platform 6K-X 
Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUSpirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUSpirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU
Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUSpirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUInfused Viral Compiler
Clan Merits - Triumphant Double SunCombined Commando's HeadwearPerfected Alien Tank Armor
Imbued Globe of ClarityPenultimate Ofab Agent Body ArmorImbued Globe of Clarity
Penultimate Ofab Agent SleevesCombined Commando's GlovesPenultimate Ofab Agent Sleeves
Bracelet of Arul SabaCombined Commando's LegwearBracer of Focused Concentration
Agents' Ring of AimCombined Commando's FootwearPulsing Biotech Rod Ring
Vigorous Ocular Symbiant, Artillery Unit AbanSyndicate Brain Symbiant of the DeviousEar Implant: Max NCU, Refined Shiny Jobe
Persisting Right Arm Symbiant, Artillery Unit AbanGrowing Chest Symbiant, Artillery Unit AbanLeft-Arm Implant: % Add All Def., Refined Shiny Jobe
Vigorous Right Wrist Symbiant, Artillery Unit AbanLiving Waist Symbiant, Artillery Unit AbanLeft-Wrist Implant: Mult. Melee, Refined Shiny
Persisting Right Hand Symbiant, Artillery Unit AbanVigorous Thigh Symbiant, Artillery Unit AbanPersisting Left Hand Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban
 Feet Implant: Evade-ClsC, Refined Shiny Jobe 
Perk actions
Alleviate Tension Armor Piercing Shot Cell Killer Chaotic Modulation
Concussive Shot Fuzz Grim Reaper Intense Metabolism
Laming Shot Minor Nanobot Enhance Nano Feast Pinpoint Strike
Regain Nano Soften Up Sticky Shot Tainted Bullet
Toxic Shock Tranquilizer Wit of the Atrox
Projectile AC6358
Melee AC5342
Energy AC6328
Chemical AC5732
Radiation AC5868
Cold AC5817
Poison AC5827
Fire AC6284

Nano pool60
Max health4900
Max nano1750

Belt decks6
NCU memory696
Nano cost modifier-8
Experience modifier14
Weapon range64
Nano range5
Critical chance15
Offense modifier197
Defense modifier467

Martial arts92
1h Blunt92
1h Edged92
2h Edged92
2h Blunt92
Melee energy92
Fast attack203
Sneak attack162
Multi melee215

Assault rifle389
Ranged energy279
Fling shot404
Full auto316
Aimed shot881
Bow special attack206
Multi ranged209
Sharp objects322
Heavy weapons390

Melee init-403
Ranged init-151
Physical init-403
Nano init867
Duck explosives226
Dodge ranged321
Evade close282
Run speed462
Nano resist105

Trade and Repair
Electrical engineering116
Weapon smithing111
Nano programming210
Computer literacy435

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis347
Biological metamorphosis317
Psychological modifications338
Matter creation350
Time and space334
Sensory improvement324
First aid45

Breaking and entry41
Trap disarming0

Projectile damage modifier124
Melee damage modifier102
Energy damage modifier109
Chemical damage modifier124
Radiation damage modifier124
Cold damage modifier102
Nano damage modifier39
Fire damage modifier124
Poison damage modifier124

Shield projectile damage11
Shield melee damage17
Shield fire damage11

Nano delta5
Skill lock modifier-6
Critical decrease5

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1Alien Augmentation Device - Combat (QL150)
Hud 2Alien Augmentation Device - Defensive (QL150)
Hud 3Targeting Scope - Vision Enhancer (QL275)
Utils 1Alien Beacon (QL150)
Utils 2Alien Reflex Modifier (QL150)
Utils 3Communications Relay (QL263)
Right handMTI SL70 RX Razorback Gargantua (QL200)
BeltBelt Component Platform 6K-X (QL200)
Left hand(empty)
Deck 1Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL300)
Deck 2Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL300)
Deck 3Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL300)
Deck 4Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL300)
Deck 5Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL300)
Deck 6Infused Viral Compiler (QL300)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckClan Merits - Triumphant Double Sun (QL1)
HeadCombined Commando's Headwear (QL225)
BackPerfected Alien Tank Armor (QL150)
Right shoulderImbued Globe of Clarity (QL1)
BodyPenultimate Ofab Agent Body Armor (QL225)
Left shoulderImbued Globe of Clarity (QL1)
Right armPenultimate Ofab Agent Sleeves (QL225)
HandsCombined Commando's Gloves (QL225)
Left armPenultimate Ofab Agent Sleeves (QL225)
Right wristBracelet of Arul Saba (QL150)
LegsCombined Commando's Legwear (QL225)
Left wristBracer of Focused Concentration (QL300)
Right fingerAgents' Ring of Aim (QL225)
FeetCombined Commando's Footwear (QL225)
Left fingerPulsing Biotech Rod Ring (QL300)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeVigorous Ocular Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL230)
HeadSyndicate Brain Symbiant of the Devious (QL180)
EarEar Implant: Max NCU, Shiny Jobe (QL220)
Right armPersisting Right Arm Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL220)
BodyGrowing Chest Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL200)
Left armLeft-Arm Implant: % Add All Def., Shiny Jobe (QL240)
Right wristVigorous Right Wrist Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL230)
WaistLiving Waist Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL210)
Left wristLeft-Wrist Implant: Mult. Melee, Shiny (QL250)
Right handPersisting Right Hand Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL220)
LegsVigorous Thigh Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL230)
Left handPersisting Left Hand Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL220)
FeetFeet Implant: Evade-ClsC, Shiny Jobe (QL250)

Perks (EDIT)
Threat AssessmentLevel 6
StealthLevel 6
MarksmanshipLevel 6
InfantryLevel 2
IntuitionLevel 6
Direct ActionLevel 6
GeniusLevel 2
End CertificationLevel 6
Champion of Nano CombatLevel 9
Black OpsLevel 6
Champion of Heavy ArtilleryLevel 9
AssassinLevel 7
Atrox Secondary GenomeLevel 3
FitnessLevel 6
Character (EDIT)
Name Amazinghorse
Dimension Rimor
Level 170/24
Breed Atrox
Profession Agent

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