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Equipment Configurator

Character overview
Maverick86: L220/26 Solitus Adventurer on Atlantean
Dreadloch Stab Guidance SystemDreadloch Sniper's FriendResearch Attunement Device - Defense Level Three
Stellar FreedomInfused Ancient DefenderBoon of Aries
Ofab Mongoose Mk 6Xan's Viral Belt Component PlatformOfab Mongoose Mk 6
Infused Morphing MemoryProtected Safeguarded NCU Memory UnitCapricorn's Reliable Memory
Sagittarius's Hearty Spirit HelperInfused Hardcore CPU UpgradeInfused Viral Compiler
Clan Merits - Xan Defense ParagonCombined Commando's HeadwearCloak of the Wandering Knight
Superior Icy Shoulderpads of BrawnStrong Body ArmorImbued Globe of Clarity
Penultimate Ofab Adventurer SleevesStrong Armor GlovesPenultimate Ofab Adventurer Sleeves
Bracelet of Arul Saba (Searing Desert - 5/5 - Right)Combined Commando's LegwearMasterpiece Ancient Bracer
Explorer's Signet of The ApocalypseStrong Armor FootwearJayde's Odyssey ring
Xan Ocular Symbiant, Infantry Unit AlphaXan Brain Symbiant, Support Unit AlphaXan Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha
Xan Right Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit AlphaXan Chest Symbiant, Infantry Unit AlphaXan Left Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha
Xan Right Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit AlphaXan Waist Symbiant, Infantry Unit AlphaXan Left Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha
Xan Right Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit AlphaIntelligent Thigh Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanXan Left Hand Symbiant, Artillery Unit Alpha
 Xan Feet Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha 
Perk actions
Aesir Absorption Awakening Basic Dressing Beckoning
Bio Cocoon Bio Regrowth Bio Rejuvenation Bio Shield
Bleeding Wounds Bore Bot Confinement Charring Blow
Combustion Crave Dance of Fools Devour
Durable Bandages Flaming Hit Flay Flurry of Cuts
Great Purge Gutting Blow Healing Herbs Limber
Machete Flurry Machete Slice Nano Feast Nocturnal Strike
Purge 1 Purge 2 Quick Cut Removal 1
Removal 2 Restore Vigor Ribbon Flesh Skin Protection
Soothing Herbs Stoneworks
Projectile AC8396
Melee AC8149
Energy AC7856
Chemical AC7897
Radiation AC8163
Cold AC7783
Poison AC8256
Fire AC8249

Body development286
Nano pool87
Max health7348
Max nano5084

Belt decks6
NCU memory654
Nano cost modifier-22
Experience modifier17
Weapon range32
Critical chance10
Offense modifier298
Defense modifier752

Martial arts485
1h Blunt533
1h Edged1038
2h Edged433
2h Blunt433
Melee energy289
Fast attack629
Sneak attack508
Multi melee663

Assault rifle56
Ranged energy114
Fling shot207
Full auto56
Aimed shot225
Bow special attack201
Multi ranged286
Sharp objects345
Heavy weapons258

Melee init519
Ranged init481
Physical init289
Nano init944
Duck explosives648
Dodge ranged648
Evade close651
Run speed776
Nano resist1166

Trade and Repair
Electrical engineering87
Quantum physics144
Weapon smithing202
Nano programming250
Computer literacy539

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis564
Biological metamorphosis561
Psychological modifications444
Matter creation461
Time and space389
Sensory improvement504
First aid349

Breaking and entry289
Trap disarming58

Map navigation289
Vehicle air289
Vehicle ground289
Vehicle water289

Projectile damage modifier150
Melee damage modifier189
Energy damage modifier162
Chemical damage modifier182
Radiation damage modifier162
Cold damage modifier150
Nano damage modifier55
Fire damage modifier304
Poison damage modifier182

Reflect projectile damage3
Reflect melee damage3
Reflect energy damage3
Reflect chemical damage3
Reflect radiation damage3
Reflect cold damage3
Reflect nano damage3
Reflect fire damage4
Reflect poison damage3
Maximum fire reflect10

Shield projectile damage89
Shield melee damage94
Shield energy damage89
Shield chemical damage94
Shield radiation damage89
Shield cold damage94
Shield nano damage80
Shield fire damage89
Shield poison damage94

Heal delta121
Nano delta5
Skill lock modifier-7
Heal modifier3

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1Dreadloch Stab Guidance System (QL250)
Hud 2Dreadloch Sniper's Friend (QL250)
Hud 3Research Attunement Device - Defense Level Three (QL100)
Utils 1Stellar Freedom (QL250)
Utils 2Infused Ancient Defender (QL250)
Utils 3Boon of Aries (QL250)
Right handOfab Mongoose Mk 6 (QL300)
BeltXan's Viral Belt Component Platform (QL300)
Left handOfab Mongoose Mk 6 (QL300)
Deck 1Infused Morphing Memory (QL250)
Deck 2Protected Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit (QL200)
Deck 3Capricorn's Reliable Memory (QL250)
Deck 4Sagittarius's Hearty Spirit Helper (QL250)
Deck 5Infused Hardcore CPU Upgrade (QL250)
Deck 6Infused Viral Compiler (QL300)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckClan Merits - Xan Defense Paragon (QL1)
HeadCombined Commando's Headwear (QL255)
BackCloak of the Wandering Knight (QL1)
Right shoulderSuperior Icy Shoulderpads of Brawn (QL1)
BodyStrong Body Armor (QL300)
Left shoulderImbued Globe of Clarity (QL1)
Right armPenultimate Ofab Adventurer Sleeves (QL300)
HandsStrong Armor Gloves (QL300)
Left armPenultimate Ofab Adventurer Sleeves (QL300)
Right wristBracelet of Arul Saba (Searing Desert - 5/5 - Right) (QL200)
LegsCombined Commando's Legwear (QL300)
Left wristMasterpiece Ancient Bracer (QL250)
Right fingerExplorer's Signet of The Apocalypse (QL1)
FeetStrong Armor Footwear (QL278)
Left fingerJayde's Odyssey ring (QL300)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeXan Ocular Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)
HeadXan Brain Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
EarXan Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Alpha (QL300)
Right armXan Right Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)
BodyXan Chest Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)
Left armXan Left Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)
Right wristXan Right Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)
WaistXan Waist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)
Left wristXan Left Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)
Right handXan Right Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)
LegsIntelligent Thigh Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL300)
Left handXan Left Hand Symbiant, Artillery Unit Alpha (QL300)
FeetXan Feet Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)

Perks (EDIT)
Wilderness LoreLevel 10
Wilderness SurvivalLevel 10
Safari GuideLevel 10
The CallLevel 10
Spatial DisplacementLevel 10
OutdoorsmanLevel 3
ExplorationLevel 10
Ferocity of NatureLevel 3
Game WardenLevel 10
GunslingerLevel 10
Edged MasteryLevel 10
Champion of Light InfantryLevel 10
Champion of Nano CombatLevel 10
Keen EyesLevel 10
Bio ShieldingLevel 10
AcrobatLevel 4
Character (EDIT)
Name Maverick86
Dimension Atlantean
Level 220/26
Breed Solitus
Profession Adventurer

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