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Character overview
Tacharnan: L220/27 Solitus Adventurer on Rimor
Stellar Adventurer NanodeckCodex DivelloResearch Attunement Device - Defense Level Three
Reciprocal Wen-WenInfused Ancient DefenderCommunications Relay
Hatred of the XanXan's Viral Belt Component PlatformHatred of the Xan
Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory UnitEnhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory UnitViral Memory Storage Unit
Capricorn's Reliable MemorySpirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUViral Compiler
Xan Combat Merit Board BasePenultimate Ofab Adventurer HelmetCloak of the Reanimated Gladiator (5/5)
Superior Icy Shoulderpads of BrawnEnhanced Dustbrigade Combat ChestpieceMight of the Revenant
Penultimate Ofab Adventurer SleevesEnhanced Dustbrigade Notum GlovesEnhanced Dustbrigade Sleeves
Modified Ancient Combat BracerEnhanced Dustbrigade CoveringFlawed Arul Saba Prototype
Pure Novictum Ring for the Support UnitEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible BootsHold Hell at Bay
Excited Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit AbanPersisting Brain Symbiant, Support Unit AbanXan Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Beta
Xan Right Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit BetaXan Chest Symbiant, Support Unit BetaLiving Left Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban
Excited Right Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanEffective Waist Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanXan Left Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Beta
Xan Right Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit BetaExcited Thigh Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanXan Left Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha
 Xan Feet Symbiant, Infantry Unit Beta 
Perk actions
Aesir Absorption Basic Dressing Bio Cocoon Bio Regrowth
Bio Rejuvenation Bio Shield Blade of Night Bore
Bot Confinement Charring Blow Combustion Crave
Dance of Fools Devour Feel Ferocious Hits
Flay Flurry of Cuts Healing Herbs Limber
Machete Flurry Machete Slice Nano Feast Purge 1
Quick Cut Removal 1 Removal 2 Restore Vigor
Ribbon Flesh Self Preservation Shadow Killer Shadow Stab
Skin Protection Soothing Herbs Stoneworks
Projectile AC10004
Melee AC10058
Energy AC9513
Chemical AC9999
Radiation AC9824
Cold AC10075
Poison AC9724
Fire AC10090

Body development139
Nano pool205
Max health6394
Max nano3919

Belt decks6
NCU memory588
Nano cost modifier-16
Experience modifier24
Weapon range5
Critical chance8
Offense modifier146
Defense modifier556

Martial arts392
1h Blunt374
1h Edged829
2h Edged258
2h Blunt209
Melee energy94
Fast attack441
Sneak attack341
Multi melee366

Ranged energy58
Fling shot25
Aimed shot25
Bow special attack130
Multi ranged170
Sharp objects205
Heavy weapons183

Melee init447
Ranged init202
Physical init352
Nano init875
Duck explosives562
Dodge ranged554
Evade close565
Run speed695
Nano resist991

Trade and Repair
Electrical engineering67
Quantum physics111
Weapon smithing130
Computer literacy250

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis586
Biological metamorphosis634
Psychological modifications523
Matter creation499
Time and space439
Sensory improvement553
First aid260

Trap disarming45

Map navigation126
Vehicle air10
Vehicle ground76

Projectile damage modifier157
Melee damage modifier194
Energy damage modifier157
Chemical damage modifier186
Radiation damage modifier168
Cold damage modifier157
Nano damage modifier10
Fire damage modifier194
Poison damage modifier186

Reflect projectile damage3
Reflect melee damage3
Reflect energy damage3
Reflect chemical damage3
Reflect radiation damage3
Reflect cold damage3
Reflect nano damage3
Reflect fire damage3
Reflect poison damage3

Shield projectile damage102
Shield melee damage115
Shield energy damage102
Shield chemical damage115
Shield radiation damage102
Shield cold damage115
Shield nano damage80
Shield fire damage102
Shield poison damage115

Heal delta89
Nano interrupt chance6
Critical decrease3

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1Stellar Adventurer Nanodeck (QL1)
Hud 2Codex Divello (QL250)
Hud 3Research Attunement Device - Defense Level Three (QL100)
Utils 1Reciprocal Wen-Wen (QL205)
Utils 2Infused Ancient Defender (QL250)
Utils 3Communications Relay (QL283)
Right handHatred of the Xan (QL300)
BeltXan's Viral Belt Component Platform (QL300)
Left handHatred of the Xan (QL300)
Deck 1Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit (QL200)
Deck 2Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit (QL200)
Deck 3Viral Memory Storage Unit (QL265)
Deck 4Capricorn's Reliable Memory (QL250)
Deck 5Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL300)
Deck 6Viral Compiler (QL285)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckXan Combat Merit Board Base (QL1)
HeadPenultimate Ofab Adventurer Helmet (QL300)
BackCloak of the Reanimated Gladiator (5/5) (QL100)
Right shoulderSuperior Icy Shoulderpads of Brawn (QL1)
BodyEnhanced Dustbrigade Combat Chestpiece (QL200)
Left shoulderMight of the Revenant (QL1)
Right armPenultimate Ofab Adventurer Sleeves (QL300)
HandsEnhanced Dustbrigade Notum Gloves (QL200)
Left armEnhanced Dustbrigade Sleeves (QL200)
Right wristModified Ancient Combat Bracer (QL250)
LegsEnhanced Dustbrigade Covering (QL200)
Left wristFlawed Arul Saba Prototype (QL250)
Right fingerPure Novictum Ring for the Support Unit (QL1)
FeetEnhanced Dustbrigade Flexible Boots (QL200)
Left fingerHold Hell at Bay (QL1)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeExcited Ocular Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL250)
HeadPersisting Brain Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL220)
EarXan Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Beta (QL300)
Right armXan Right Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Beta (QL300)
BodyXan Chest Symbiant, Support Unit Beta (QL300)
Left armLiving Left Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL210)
Right wristExcited Right Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL250)
WaistEffective Waist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL240)
Left wristXan Left Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Beta (QL300)
Right handXan Right Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit Beta (QL300)
LegsExcited Thigh Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL250)
Left handXan Left Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit Alpha (QL300)
FeetXan Feet Symbiant, Infantry Unit Beta (QL300)

Perks (EDIT)
Solitus Beta GenomeLevel 3
Spatial DisplacementLevel 6
Wilderness LoreLevel 9
Wilderness SurvivalLevel 10
Safari GuideLevel 10
OutdoorsmanLevel 3
ShadowstalkerLevel 6
ExplorationLevel 10
Ferocity of NatureLevel 1
Game WardenLevel 9
GunslingerLevel 6
Edged MasteryLevel 10
Champion of Light InfantryLevel 10
Champion of Nano CombatLevel 10
Keen EyesLevel 10
Bio ShieldingLevel 10
AcrobatLevel 4
Character (EDIT)
Name Tacharnan
Dimension Rimor
Level 220/27
Breed Solitus
Profession Adventurer

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