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Equipment Configurator

Character overview
Nano Targeting Helper Nano Targeting Helper
Small Ebony FigurinePenumbra Tuaq 
Gelid Blade of InobakBelt Component Platform 6K-XGelid Blade of Inobak
Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUSpirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUComputer Deck Range Increaser
Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUHardcore CPU UpgradeNano Formula Recompiler
Merit Board of the Angry MenShades of LucubrationCloak of the Reanimated Healer (5/5)
Globe of SufferanceBreastplate of Azure ReveriesVirral Triumvirate Egg
Miy's Nano Armor SleevesMiy's Nano Armor GlovesMiy's Nano Armor Sleeves
Bloodshed ArmbandMiy's Nano Armor LegsThick Leather Wristbands
Ring of HasteMiy's Nano Armor BootsRing of Presence
Eye Implant: Psycho Modi, BrightHead Implant: Bio.Metamor, ShinyEar Implant: % Add. Xp, Shiny Jobe
Right-Arm Implant: 1h Edged Weapon, Refined Shiny JobeChest Implant: Max Health, Shiny JobeLeft-Arm Implant: % Add All Def., Shiny Jobe
Right-Wrist Implant: Nano Delta, Refined Shiny JobeWaist Implant: Nano Point Cost Modifier, Shiny JobeLeft-Wrist Implant: Mult. Melee, Refined Shiny
Right-Hand Implant: Time & Space, BrightLeg Implant: Dodge-Rng, ShinyLeft-Hand Implant: Fast Attack, Shiny Jobe
 Feet Implant: Melee. Init, Shiny 
Projectile AC3742
Melee AC3840
Energy AC4180
Chemical AC4180
Radiation AC4180
Cold AC4280
Poison AC4180
Fire AC3630

Body development20
Nano pool63
Max health3107
Max nano2893

Belt decks6
NCU memory358
Nano cost modifier-29
Experience modifier17
Nano range167
Offense modifier50
Defense modifier271

Martial arts8
1h Edged227
2h Blunt63
Fast attack154
Multi melee161

Melee init18
Ranged init-150
Nano init450
Duck explosives42
Dodge ranged203
Evade close17
Run speed494

Trade and Repair
Nano programming214
Computer literacy214

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis143
Biological metamorphosis173
Psychological modifications151
Matter creation37
Time and space131
Sensory improvement34
First aid17


Projectile damage modifier26
Melee damage modifier26
Energy damage modifier51
Chemical damage modifier51
Radiation damage modifier51
Cold damage modifier76
Fire damage modifier51
Poison damage modifier51

Heal delta10
Nano delta80
Skill lock modifier-5
Critical decrease3
Heal modifier3
Nano attack damage modifier9

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1Nano Targeting Helper (QL198)
Hud 2(empty)
Hud 3Nano Targeting Helper (QL300)
Utils 1Small Ebony Figurine (QL250)
Utils 2Penumbra Tuaq (QL250)
Utils 3(empty)
Right handGelid Blade of Inobak (QL1)
BeltBelt Component Platform 6K-X (QL200)
Left handGelid Blade of Inobak (QL1)
Deck 1Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL220)
Deck 2Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL220)
Deck 3Computer Deck Range Increaser (QL200)
Deck 4Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL220)
Deck 5Hardcore CPU Upgrade (QL200)
Deck 6Nano Formula Recompiler (QL200)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckMerit Board of the Angry Men (QL1)
HeadShades of Lucubration (QL165)
BackCloak of the Reanimated Healer (5/5) (QL100)
Right shoulderGlobe of Sufferance (QL1)
BodyBreastplate of Azure Reveries (QL200)
Left shoulderVirral Triumvirate Egg (QL190)
Right armMiy's Nano Armor Sleeves (QL209)
HandsMiy's Nano Armor Gloves (QL204)
Left armMiy's Nano Armor Sleeves (QL210)
Right wristBloodshed Armband (QL1)
LegsMiy's Nano Armor Legs (QL223)
Left wristThick Leather Wristbands (QL150)
Right fingerRing of Haste (QL70)
FeetMiy's Nano Armor Boots (QL215)
Left fingerRing of Presence (QL200)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeEye Implant: Psycho Modi, Bright (QL200)
HeadHead Implant: Bio.Metamor, Shiny (QL200)
EarEar Implant: % Add. Xp, Shiny Jobe (QL200)
Right armRight-Arm Implant: 1h Edged Weapon, Shiny Jobe (QL229)
BodyChest Implant: Max Health, Shiny Jobe (QL200)
Left armLeft-Arm Implant: % Add All Def., Shiny Jobe (QL200)
Right wristRight-Wrist Implant: Nano Delta, Shiny Jobe (QL228)
WaistWaist Implant: Nano Point Cost Modifier, Shiny Jobe (QL200)
Left wristLeft-Wrist Implant: Mult. Melee, Shiny (QL227)
Right handRight-Hand Implant: Time & Space, Bright (QL200)
LegsLeg Implant: Dodge-Rng, Shiny (QL200)
Left handLeft-Hand Implant: Fast Attack, Shiny Jobe (QL200)
FeetFeet Implant: Melee. Init, Shiny (QL200)

Perks (EDIT)
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Character (EDIT)
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