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Character overview
Ganked: L166/20 Solitus Adventurer on Atlantean
Alien Augmentation Device - DefensiveAlien Augmentation Device - CombatResearch Attunement Device - Offense Level Two
Alien BeaconBiomaterial Defensive ShieldCommunications Relay
Sparkling Scimitar of SpetsesBelt Component Platform 6K-XKyr'Ozch Axe - Type 240
Morphing Memory1-Hand Edge Skill NCU (6/6)1-Hand Edge Skill NCU (6/6)
1-Hand Edge Skill NCU (6/6)1-Hand Edge Skill NCU (6/6)Infused Viral Compiler
Clan Merits - Triumphant Double SunCombined Commando's HeadwearCloak of the Wandering Knight
Imbued Globe of ClarityCombined Commando's JacketImbued Globe of Clarity
Combined Commando's SleevesCombined Commando's GlovesCombined Commando's Sleeves
Bracer of Recondite FlamesCombined Commando's LegwearSandy Piece of Goo
Dalja's Ring of PowerCombined Commando's FootwearJayde's Odyssey ring
Nematet's Inner EyePersisting Brain Symbiant, Support Unit AbanPersisting Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Aban
Persisting Right Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanPersisting Chest Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanPersisting Left Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban
Living Right Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanPersisting Waist Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanLeft-Wrist Implant: Mult. Melee, Refined Shiny
Persisting Right Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit AbanLiving Thigh Symbiant, Artillery Unit AbanPersisting Left Hand Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban
 Enduring Feet Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban 
Perk actions
Basic Dressing Beckoning Bio Cocoon Bio Rejuvenation
Bio Shield Charring Blow Crave Dance of Fools
Ferocious Hits Flay Limber Machete Slice
Nano Feast Quick Cut Restore Vigor Self Preservation
Skin Protection Soothing Herbs Tacky Hack Zap Nano
Projectile AC7313
Melee AC6860
Energy AC7323
Chemical AC6843
Radiation AC7091
Cold AC6593
Poison AC7323
Fire AC7093

Body development178
Nano pool67
Max health2915
Max nano2001

Belt decks6
NCU memory425
Nano cost modifier-4
Experience modifier13
Critical chance4
Offense modifier346
Defense modifier510

Martial arts409
1h Blunt460
1h Edged573
2h Edged391
2h Blunt391
Melee energy168
Fast attack415
Sneak attack358
Multi melee364

Assault rifle168
Ranged energy213
Fling shot214
Full auto168
Aimed shot168
Bow special attack278
Multi ranged198
Sharp objects341
Heavy weapons324

Melee init141
Ranged init25
Physical init208
Nano init811
Duck explosives498
Dodge ranged522
Evade close491
Run speed488
Nano resist714

Trade and Repair
Electrical engineering67
Quantum physics111
Weapon smithing111
Nano programming210
Computer literacy376

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis138
Biological metamorphosis173
Psychological modifications71
Matter creation128
Time and space78
Sensory improvement118
First aid223

Trap disarming45

Projectile damage modifier184
Melee damage modifier205
Energy damage modifier184
Chemical damage modifier199
Radiation damage modifier184
Cold damage modifier184
Fire damage modifier228
Poison damage modifier199

Reflect projectile damage0
Reflect melee damage0
Reflect energy damage0
Reflect chemical damage0
Reflect radiation damage0
Reflect cold damage0
Reflect nano damage0
Reflect fire damage0
Reflect poison damage0

Shield projectile damage49
Shield melee damage65
Shield energy damage38
Shield chemical damage48
Shield radiation damage38
Shield cold damage48
Shield nano damage38
Shield fire damage49
Shield poison damage48

Damage type97
Heal delta56
Nano delta5
Skill lock modifier-6
Heal modifier2

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1Alien Augmentation Device - Defensive (QL150)
Hud 2Alien Augmentation Device - Combat (QL150)
Hud 3Research Attunement Device - Offense Level Two (QL100)
Utils 1Alien Beacon (QL150)
Utils 2Biomaterial Defensive Shield (QL248)
Utils 3Communications Relay (QL281)
Right handSparkling Scimitar of Spetses (QL260)
BeltBelt Component Platform 6K-X (QL200)
Left handKyr'Ozch Axe - Type 240 (QL262)
Deck 1Morphing Memory (QL199)
Deck 21-Hand Edge Skill NCU (6/6) (QL250)
Deck 31-Hand Edge Skill NCU (6/6) (QL250)
Deck 41-Hand Edge Skill NCU (6/6) (QL250)
Deck 51-Hand Edge Skill NCU (6/6) (QL250)
Deck 6Infused Viral Compiler (QL300)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckClan Merits - Triumphant Double Sun (QL1)
HeadCombined Commando's Headwear (QL233)
BackCloak of the Wandering Knight (QL1)
Right shoulderImbued Globe of Clarity (QL1)
BodyCombined Commando's Jacket (QL233)
Left shoulderImbued Globe of Clarity (QL1)
Right armCombined Commando's Sleeves (QL233)
HandsCombined Commando's Gloves (QL233)
Left armCombined Commando's Sleeves (QL233)
Right wristBracer of Recondite Flames (QL100)
LegsCombined Commando's Legwear (QL233)
Left wristSandy Piece of Goo (QL100)
Right fingerDalja's Ring of Power (QL150)
FeetCombined Commando's Footwear (QL233)
Left fingerJayde's Odyssey ring (QL200)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeNematet's Inner Eye (QL1)
HeadPersisting Brain Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL220)
EarPersisting Ear Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL220)
Right armPersisting Right Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL220)
BodyPersisting Chest Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL220)
Left armPersisting Left Arm Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL220)
Right wristLiving Right Wrist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL210)
WaistPersisting Waist Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL220)
Left wristLeft-Wrist Implant: Mult. Melee, Shiny (QL249)
Right handPersisting Right Hand Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL220)
LegsLiving Thigh Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL210)
Left handPersisting Left Hand Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban (QL220)
FeetEnduring Feet Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban (QL190)

Perks (EDIT)
Notum RepulsorLevel 1
Wilderness LoreLevel 6
Wilderness SurvivalLevel 6
Safari GuideLevel 6
Solitus Alpha GenomeLevel 3
The CallLevel 2
Keen EyesLevel 6
ExplorationLevel 6
Game WardenLevel 6
GunslingerLevel 6
Edged MasteryLevel 4
Champion of Light InfantryLevel 9
Champion of Nano CombatLevel 9
Bio ShieldingLevel 7
AcrobatLevel 4
Character (EDIT)
Name Ganked
Dimension Atlantean
Level 166/20
Breed Solitus
Profession Adventurer

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