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Equipment Configurator

Character overview
Villagebike: L220/22 Nano Meta-Physicist on Rimor
Dreadloch Endurance Booster - Nanomage EditionNano Controller UnitTargeting Scope - Vision Enhancer
Infused Ancient DefenderMeta-Physicist NanodeckMasterpiece Ancient Manual Aiming Aid
Dreadloch TigressMaar's Yellow Belt of Double Speed 
Morphing MemoryProtected Safeguarded NCU Memory UnitVirgo's Practical Spirit Helper
Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCUHardcore CPU UpgradeViral Compiler
Omni-Tek Award - ExemplarSureshot GlassesOFAB Meta-Physicist Protective Gear
Superior Icy Shoulderpads of the Powerful MindPenultimate Ofab Metaphysicist Body ArmorThin Shoulder Pad of Cama Thar
Combined Sharpshooter's SleevesCombined Sharpshooter's GlovesCombined Sharpshooter's Sleeves
Perfected Infused Dust Brigade BracerCombined Sharpshooter's LegwearMasterpiece Ancient Bracer
XtremTech's Ring of CastingBoots of the Dancing KingHold Hell at Bay
Eye Implant: Aimed Shot, Refined ShinyExcited Brain Symbiant, Extermination Unit AbanPersisting Ear Symbiant, Control Unit Aban
Right-Arm Implant: Bow, Refined Shiny JobeExcited Chest Symbiant, Control Unit AbanCognizant Left Arm Symbiant, Support Unit Aban
Right-Wrist Implant: Run Speed, Refined ShinyVital Waist Symbiant, Control Unit AbanLeft-Wrist Implant: Run Speed, Refined Bright
Persisting Right Hand Symbiant, Extermination Unit AbanExcited Thigh Symbiant, Control Unit AbanLiving Left Hand Symbiant, Support Unit Aban
 Cognizant Feet Symbiant, Control Unit Aban 
Perk actions
Anticipated Evasion Bot Confinement Channel Rage Chaotic Assumption
Clearshot Combust Dazzle With Lights Diffuse Rage
Economic Nanobot Use Ego Strike Hostile Takeover Mind Wail
Nano Feast Quark Containment Field Regain Focus Sow Despair
Sow Doubt Spirit of Blessing Spirit of Purity Supernova
Suppress Fury Thermal Detonation Thoughtful Means
Projectile AC6772
Melee AC6772
Energy AC6473
Chemical AC7133
Radiation AC7062
Cold AC6883
Poison AC6873
Fire AC6889

Body development77
Nano pool254
Max health9879
Max nano8139

Belt decks6
NCU memory465
Nano cost modifier-42
Experience modifier18
Weapon range51
Nano range26
Critical chance9
Offense modifier230
Defense modifier927

1h Blunt85
2h Blunt85
Multi melee25

Assault rifle109
Ranged energy109
Fling shot159
Full auto109
Aimed shot830
Bow special attack349
Multi ranged109
Sharp objects109
Heavy weapons109

Melee init-297
Ranged init-217
Physical init-84
Nano init954
Duck explosives390
Dodge ranged521
Evade close573
Run speed772
Nano resist1251

Trade and Repair
Quantum physics201
Nano programming688
Computer literacy451

Nano and Aiding
Matter metamorphosis526
Biological metamorphosis525
Psychological modifications532
Matter creation549
Time and space564
Sensory improvement413
First aid170

Breaking and entry188
Trap disarming109

Map navigation45
Vehicle air67
Vehicle ground45
Vehicle water45

Projectile damage modifier105
Melee damage modifier105
Energy damage modifier105
Chemical damage modifier105
Radiation damage modifier105
Cold damage modifier105
Fire damage modifier105
Poison damage modifier105

Heal delta131
Nano delta31
Skill lock modifier-21
Nano interrupt chance27
Critical decrease3
Heal modifier6
Nano attack damage modifier15

Equipment editing
Weapons (EDIT)
Hud 1Dreadloch Endurance Booster - Nanomage Edition (QL250)
Hud 2Nano Controller Unit (QL300)
Hud 3Targeting Scope - Vision Enhancer (QL275)
Utils 1Infused Ancient Defender (QL250)
Utils 2Meta-Physicist Nanodeck (QL1)
Utils 3Masterpiece Ancient Manual Aiming Aid (QL250)
Right handDreadloch Tigress (QL300)
BeltMaar's Yellow Belt of Double Speed (QL300)
Left hand(empty)
Deck 1Morphing Memory (QL200)
Deck 2Protected Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit (QL200)
Deck 3Virgo's Practical Spirit Helper (QL250)
Deck 4Spirit Infused Yuttos Modified NCU (QL209)
Deck 5Hardcore CPU Upgrade (QL200)
Deck 6Viral Compiler (QL300)

Clothing (EDIT)
NeckOmni-Tek Award - Exemplar (QL1)
HeadSureshot Glasses (QL300)
BackOFAB Meta-Physicist Protective Gear (QL300)
Right shoulderSuperior Icy Shoulderpads of the Powerful Mind (QL1)
BodyPenultimate Ofab Metaphysicist Body Armor (QL300)
Left shoulderThin Shoulder Pad of Cama Thar (QL175)
Right armCombined Sharpshooter's Sleeves (QL243)
HandsCombined Sharpshooter's Gloves (QL275)
Left armCombined Sharpshooter's Sleeves (QL300)
Right wristPerfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer (QL250)
LegsCombined Sharpshooter's Legwear (QL268)
Left wristMasterpiece Ancient Bracer (QL250)
Right fingerXtremTech's Ring of Casting (QL300)
FeetBoots of the Dancing King (QL243)
Left fingerHold Hell at Bay (QL1)

Implants (EDIT)
EyeEye Implant: Aimed Shot, Shiny (QL254)
HeadExcited Brain Symbiant, Extermination Unit Aban (QL250)
EarPersisting Ear Symbiant, Control Unit Aban (QL220)
Right armRight-Arm Implant: Bow, Shiny Jobe (QL292)
BodyExcited Chest Symbiant, Control Unit Aban (QL250)
Left armCognizant Left Arm Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL270)
Right wristRight-Wrist Implant: Run Speed, Shiny (QL255)
WaistVital Waist Symbiant, Control Unit Aban (QL260)
Left wristLeft-Wrist Implant: Run Speed, Bright (QL252)
Right handPersisting Right Hand Symbiant, Extermination Unit Aban (QL220)
LegsExcited Thigh Symbiant, Control Unit Aban (QL250)
Left handLiving Left Hand Symbiant, Support Unit Aban (QL210)
FeetCognizant Feet Symbiant, Control Unit Aban (QL270)

Perks (EDIT)
The Unknown FactorLevel 8
Soothing SpiritsLevel 10
Spatial AwarenessLevel 9
TraumaLevel 10
RangerLevel 2
StarfallLevel 10
SympathyLevel 9
Theoretical ResearchLevel 3
PerseverencesLevel 9
JealousyLevel 10
ForesightLevel 10
Enhance HealthLevel 7
Champion of Nano CombatLevel 10
Channel RageLevel 10
Alien Technology ExpertiseLevel 2
AngstLevel 9
Character (EDIT)
Name Villagebike
Dimension Rimor
Level 220/22
Breed Nano
Profession Meta-Physicist

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