18.8.55 | Live servers: 18.8.58

Damage Calculator

Damage estimate sub_mini_mort_VeryHigh2punch_400
Your critical hit will be 7439 points.
Your normal hits will vary between 3896 and 4366 points.
Over 10 seconds you would do about 7106 points of damage.
You would score 1.6 normal, and 0.07 critical hits.
The damage done by normal attacks would be 7106 points and 0 points would be special attacks.
Special attacks
Attack Available? Skill value Modifier
Brawl N/A
Fast attack N/A
Sneak attack N/A
Dimach N/A
Fling shot N/A
Aimed shot N/A
Full auto
Weapon properties
Weapon name
Low damage Crit bonus
High damage Crit chance
Attack time Clip size
Recharge time
User properties
Att rating Initiative
Target AC Agg/Def
Damage add 0% 13% 25% 38% 50% 63% 75% 88% 100% AGG/DEF