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Item Database - Book: On Item Creations

Book: On Item Creations Icon #37931 A sticker on the cover says: Don't Read Without Buying!
There are many ways to obtain an item on Rubi-Ka. One of the more profitable (if you find the right buyer) is creating it yourself. By picking up an item, holding down the Shift-key and then right-click on another item, these two could be combined.
You cannot combine everything obviously, and a complete list of items is not obtainable in the world at the moment.
There is some very important information to the budding creator of items:
The Quality Level of the raw-material and your skill. The Quality Level of the item is determined by a process where your skill is matched with the Quality Level of the raw materials! If you have a MUCH higher skill than just needed to make the items, and the Raw Materials are of good Quality (normally represented by a number from 1 to about 250 or so...) the end result can be good. Raw material (like a barrel you want to add to a Pistol Construction Kit, can seldom be of LOWER quality level than the item you target.).
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Use
Patch 15.8 17.6 18.0
Change QL:
Value 40
Mass 0.2kg
On Activate Self AddSkill Intelligence 3  
On Use User Lock Intelligence 5s  
Float Text Let us get to work.  
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