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Item Database - Focused Anger

Focused Anger Icon #16194 Increases all the initiatives of the target by 72 points each.
Flags Buff Nano, Disable Statel Collision
Patch 11.0 14.4.2 15.0.1 18.8.53
QL 60
Crystal Nano Crystal (Focused Anger)
NCU 19
Nanocost 218
School Psionic: Multiple initiative buffs
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 3.34s
Recharge time 0.5s
Range 15 m
Effect icon Icon 16354
Stacking order 19
Attack skills
Psychological modifications 50 %
Sensory improvement 50 %
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 284 and
User Sensory improvement >= 284 and
User Visual profession == Enforcer
On Use Target Modify Melee init 72  
Target Modify Ranged init 72  
Target Modify Physical init 72  
Target Modify Nano init 72  
GothikElf @ 2005-02-07 10:40
Can this be found in any shops?
Mallor @ 2005-05-28 16:20
Enf2 @ 2005-08-18 14:09
lpx @ 2006-08-22 03:43
best 19ncu you'll ever spend im shocked by how many enf's dont have this or never heard of it.. and then they play it off like pfft that nanos junk.
emergency56 @ 2006-09-10 20:14
your right.... don't have a never heard till now :P i think i'll get it XD
fly @ 2007-04-27 04:49
Just think how much your doc and rest of team will love you for this buff :)
Binarybot @ 2012-05-09 02:22
Stacks with both Cut Red Tape and Improved Cut Red Tape from crat, definitely a win (though Offensive Steamroller will overwrite this, use it if you dont have a soldier near by)
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