18.5 | Live servers: 18.8.52

Item Database - Inventory & Equipment

Inventory & Equipment Icon #277964 During your adventures on Rubi-Ka, you will locate many items that are worth keeping around. Any item that is bought or looted will immediately go into your inventory. To access your inventory, press [I] (by default). To expand your inventory space, Backpack items can be purchased. In addition to this, all around Rubi-Ka, bank terminals exist, which can be used to store even more items. Backpacks of items can be stored within your bank terminal.
The Wear window ([Ctrl]+[1] by default) has 4 different tabs, depending on what is being equipped. Weap holds weapons, HUD, Utils, and NCU items. Cloth holds all the external protection worn. Imp holds all the equipped Implants, Symbiants, or Spirits worn. Social can be used to alter the physical appearance of the character, without affecting any attributes - To use the Social Tab, it has to be enabled via the [F10] menu.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, Stationary, Has Animation, No Drop, Unique
Patch 18.5
Change QL:
Value 1
Mass 10kg
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