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Item Database - Syndicate Brain Symbiant of the Constructor

Syndicate Brain Symbiant of the Constructor Icon #215189 Slowly bubbling, this Symbiant is an age old living creature created with Spirit-Tech. It once resided in one of the Ancient Inhabitants of the Shadowlands.
This line of symbiants was designed using the DNA of a senior member of the Syndicate. They believed that they could pass on their knowledge to their followers through the use of symbiant technology. This version was named after Davidas 'Hands' Lycan who was the chief architect of all the buildings that the Syndicate didn't want people to know belonged to them. He was a master at deploying hidden entrances and unassuming facades that hid the true purpose of the Syndicate's properties.
Note: This 'Symbiant' can be installed like an Implant. Use an Implant Enabler (found in shops) to install it.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Unique
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 17.4 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Implant
Slot Head
Value 500
Mass 1.1kg
To Equip User Treatment >= 901 and
User Level >= 132 and
User Psychic >= 376 and
User Agility >= 376 and
User Intelligence >= 376 and
User Profession == Engineer
On Equip User Modify Intelligence 25  
User Modify Sense 50  
User Modify Psychic 50  
User Modify Martial arts 15  
User Modify Grenade 25  
User Modify Heavy weapons 25  
User Modify Shotgun 25  
User Modify Sensory improvement 100  
User Modify Treatment 100  
User Modify Mechanical engineering 100  
User Modify Electrical engineering 100  
User Modify Matter metamorphosis 100  
User Modify Biological metamorphosis 100  
User Modify Psychological modifications 100  
User Modify Matter creation 100  
User Modify Time and space 100  
User Modify Multi ranged 25  
User Modify Quantum physics 100  
User Modify Weapon smithing 100  
User Modify Pharmaceuticals 100  
User Modify Nano programming 100  
User Modify Computer literacy 100  
User Modify Psychology 100  
User Modify Chemistry 100  
User Modify Nano resist 100  
semkd @ 2007-06-13 06:32
With this symb i can cast Assurance Advocacy at lvl175 without CI !!!!
Nook1e @ 2007-06-19 22:13
pure <3 for pre 250 head symb. Easily equippable at low levels also. Shame it's not like some of the other ones which you can wear at tl7
Alceona @ 2007-06-21 08:16
Nice brain for TL 4-6, but every 220 eng could install 270+ control and it's much better than this one.
dharber @ 2007-07-16 05:29
Does Assurance Advocacy no longer have a level 185 req?
hitkick @ 2007-08-27 08:48
Compared to a Growing Brain Symbiant, Control Unit Aban this symb
misses Nano Resist, Max nano, nano pool, nano init, 25 intelligence.
The bonuses is a few weaponskills, 40 EE and 30 sense. I'll stick to my growing brain...
Zinrax @ 2008-02-08 17:03
I must be blind.. looks like it adds shotgun and heavy weapons instead of pistol.
Kingduck @ 2008-05-05 16:05
Jornado @ 2008-11-08 07:03
alot of the syndicate brains "forgot" nano resist
Geitjemekker @ 2009-02-15 16:14
could be useful because of the 50 sense, control ql300 has only 29
ZenRose @ 2009-10-17 05:42
Since this is a Symb....does it require SL...if not where can a Froob get it?
Reppumies @ 2009-10-20 16:47
Froobs can't use any symbiants, this is from adonis questline
Zinrax @ 2010-02-11 07:50
accually i dont see any SL req on this, but one still need the expansion to be able to get the quest for this nodrop symbiant :)
ruah @ 2010-05-27 20:44
See for comparaison with Growing Brain Symbiant, Control
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