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Item Database - OFAB Fixer Protective Gear

OFAB Fixer Protective Gear Icon #268012 In the orbital fabrication plants of the battle stations, this armor was forged especially for Fixers.
Wearing this item will provide you with an innate 4% resistance against normal stuns.
Flags Visible, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 17.3 17.4 17.7 18.4
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Back
Value 30000
Equip time 0.1s
Mass 10kg
To Equip User Agility >= 1045 and
User Sense >= 855 and
User Profession == Fixer and
User Expansion sets & Lost Eden
On Equip User Modify Max health 600  
User Modify Stamina 15  
User Modify Psychic 15  
User Modify Projectile AC 2000  
User Modify Melee AC 2000  
User Modify Energy AC 2000  
User Modify Chemical AC 2000  
User Modify Radiation AC 2000  
User Modify Cold AC 2000  
User Modify Poison AC 2000  
User Modify Fire AC 2000  
User Modify Ranged init 50  
User Modify Full auto 15  
User Modify Nano resist 50  
User Modify NCU memory 25  
User Modify Offense modifier 25  
User Resistance Calm 4%  
Javawarrior @ 2007-06-14 14:09
Any fixer That even considers this over Shadowweb for more than getting there mk5-6 ofab smg back on should probably reroll immediatly
xeonax @ 2007-06-14 16:35
Had been nice as a pad^^ Wtb more fixer phats
Threeze @ 2007-07-07 12:35
On Use User Resistance Calm 4%

... but you can't use this item...
houserocker @ 2007-10-02 09:26
Useful for twinking symbs (well, not especially...give strength!) and selfing your ql300 hawk, besides that not especially nice. Still, after you run out of things to buy with might as well.
Jodadda @ 2007-12-06 01:17
a must have for the ql 300 ofab hawk MK 5 equiping process
Vabla2 @ 2008-08-05 22:52
No, not a must. More like a VP waste.
Vabla2 @ 2008-09-20 03:21
And... Where's the B&E mod on this?
Zinrax @ 2010-07-29 16:08
Not sure if these comments about a must have for equiping MK5 was put here before the Cloak of the Reanimated Ranger (5/5) was ingame but yeah that robe looks kinda good to use instead of this.
kukuruku @ 2012-04-06 11:57
I never failed to see how this was bad for a fixer to keep in a backpack, for emergency back armor when his spinner goes poof (a rare moment in the fixers life),but what do i know :)
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